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An institution dedicated to research, WSU Spokane attracts significant extramural funding to the region. Funding awards average over $12 million biennially.

Translational and applied research improves our health care system and the quality of life in our communities. Fundamental and applied research further enhances the potential for commercial applications and economic development.

Applied Sciences Laboratory (ASL)

The Applied Sciences Laboratory houses the contract applied research arm of WSU’s Institute for Shock Physics (ISP). The ASL, a multidsciplinary problem-solving team of scientists, works to transform scientific innovations into practical solutions. ASL emphases: energy, advanced materials and sensors, and national security. Scientific expertise: Materials sciences, optical sciences, modeling and simulations, and applied mechanics. 

College of Nursing

Faculty at the WSU College of Nursing are conducting funded research projects on a wide range of subjects, including childhood obesity, medication management (in partnership with the WSU College of Pharmacy), methamphetamine/substance abuse, cultural competence in nursing, use of human simulation technology in nursing instruction, and a Grant County site for the National Children's Health Study.

College of Pharmacy

Faculty in the College of Pharmacy at WSU Spokane are involved in researching medication therapies in geriatric patients – including patient care transitions from hospital to home and a variety of neurodegenerative and neurocognitive disorders – as well as diabetes treatments, psychopharmacy, health economics, health policy, and the effects of exercise and nutrition.

Health Sciences

WSU Spokane is the home of the Division of Health Sciences. Under the direction of Vice Provost for Health Sciences, Dr. Gary Pollack, WSU is  building a new health sciences campus and systemwide enterprise that will foster interdisciplinary teaching, research, outreach, and clinical services.  Read the recent proclamation made by the Board of Regents designating WSU Spokane as Washington State University's Health Science Campus.

Sleep and Performance Research Center

At this cutting-edge research facility, top scientists study sleep and wakefulness in healthy individuals to answer critical questions about the effects of reduced and displaced sleep on cognitive performance and health.

WWAMI Spokane

WSU Spokane is home to the WWAMI Spokane Medical Sciences Program. Faculty not only teach first year medical students, they are actively involved in research in molecular biosciences, cancer biology, reproduction and in the neuroscience of sleep and metabolism.

Selected projects

Sleep deprivation and human performance: Gregory Belenky & Hans Van Dongen

Childhood communication disorders: Nancy Potter

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