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Sean Murphy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Health Policy & Administration

Ph.D., Washington State University
Master of Art, University of Montana
Bachelor of Art, University of Montana

HPA 509: Healthcare Economics
HPA 520: Research Methods
HPA 530: Healthcare Information Systems


  • Health economics
  • Disease management
  • Econometrics

Murphy, S.M. (Co-PI) (06/2012-05/2013); J. van Wormer (PI). Snohomish County, Washington, $200,000. Evaluation Of Snohomish County Therapeutic Drug Courts.

Murphy, S.M. (Co-I) (09/2011-08/2013); D. Neven (PI). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, $550,000 contract. A Randomized Control Trial of a Citywide Emergency Department Care Coordination Program to Reduce Prescription Opioid Related ED Visits.

Murphy, S.M. (Consultant) (09/2011-08/2012). Empire Health Foundation, $7,500 consulting contract with Project Access Spokane. Spokane-Area ED Coordination Project.

Murphy, S.M. (PI) (03/2011-08/2011). Empire Health Foundation, $8,000. Rural Quality Network Assessment.

Murphy, S.M. (Co-PI) (09/2009-09/2010). Harrington Regional Medical Center, $15,000. The Economic Impact of the Amarillo-Area Medical Community.

Murphy, S.M. (PI) (09/2011-08/2012). WSU Spokane Faculty Seed Grant Program, $7,500. An Assessment of the Spokane Consistent Care Program.

Murphy, S.M. (PI) (07/2011-08/2012). Rural Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Program of Excellence, $25,000. Understanding the Differences in Predictors of Major Depressive Episode Symptoms Among Rural and Urban Adolescents in Washington State.

Murphy, S.M. (Co-I); L. MacLean Garrelts (PI). (07/2011-08/2012). Rural Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Program of Excellence, $25,000. Community Pharmacy Antipsychotic Injection Service for Improved Patient Outcomes.

Additional Information
2010 COB Research Excellence Award

2010 MBAA International Conference Distinguished Paper Award in Economics

Recognized as an oustanding teacher by a member of the WTAMU Mortar Board chapter.

Recognized by the WTAMU Student-Athelete Advisory Committee for being an inspiration to, and/or support of, student atheletes.

Selected Publications
Murphy, S.M., Friesner, D.L., & Rosenman, R. (in press). On the Demand for Nursing Labor in Hospital Pharmacies. International Journal of Services, Economics and Management.

Coyne, J.S., Fry, B., Murphy, S.M., Smith, G.J., & Short, R. (2012). What is the Impact of Health Reforms on Uncompensated Care in Critical Access Hospitals? A Five Year Forecast in Washington State. The Journal of Rural Health, 28(3), 221-226.

Murphy, S.M., Friesner, D. L., & Rosenman, R. (2012). Patients’ Perceptions and Treatment Effectiveness: A Reassessment Using Generalized Maximum Entropy. Applied Economics Letters, 19(13), 1243-1248.

Murphy, S.M., Friesner, D. L., & Scott, D. M. (2011). Do In-Kind Benefits Influence Pharmacists’ Labor Supply Decisions? Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, 41(1), 33-52.

Murphy, S.M., Rosenman, R., Yoder, J. K., & Friesner, D. L. (2011). Patient's Perceptions and Treatment Effectiveness. Applied Economics, 43(24), 3275-3288.

Murphy, S.M., Naughton, C., & Friesner, D. L. (2011). Does Academic Success Translate Into Initial Labor Market Success for Pharmacy Graduates? Innovations in Pharmacy, 2(1), 1 – 10.

Murphy, S.M., Rosenman, R., McPherson, M. Q., & Friesner, D. L. (2011). Measuring Shared Inefficiency between Hospital Cost Centers. Medical Care Research and Review, 68(1), 55S – 74S.

Murphy, S.M., Rosenman, R., Friesner, D. L., & Raisor, J. (2010). A Cautionary Note on the Use of Perceived Pain Scores in Health Outcomes Research. International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research, 2(2), 123-135.

Howie, P., Murphy, S.M., & Wicks, J. (2010). An Application of a Stated Preference Method to Value Urban Amenities. Urban Studies, 47(2), 235–256.

Murphy, S.M., Friesner, D. L., & Rosenman, R. (2009). Determining Factors in the Treatment Choice of Patients with Hypertension with Complications and Secondary Hypertension. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 22(4), 322–339.

"Patients' perceptions and treatment effectiveness: A reassessment using generalized maximum entropy." Presented at the 2010 MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL, March 24-26.

"Efficient Treatment Paths for Idiopathc Intracranial Hypertension." Presented at the 2007 Eastern Economic Association (EEA) Annual Conference, New York, NY, February 23-25.