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Rural Medicine

We encourage students to consider practicing in rural communities. Below are the three programs that allow students to develop their skills in rural hospitals and clinics.

TRUST (Targeted Rural/Underserved Track) matches students with clinics and hospitals in Washington, Montana and Idaho. In Eastern Washington, doctors in Newport, Grand Coulee, Moses Lake, Chelan and Ellensburg serve as mentors.

Interviews with Washington TRUST applicants are conducted at WSU Spokane. All invited applicants will see the WSU Spokane campus, meet current WWAMI Spokane students, attend a class, and be interviewed by the admissions committee.

R/UOP (Rural Underserved Opportunities Program) allows students who have finished their first year of medical school to spend four weeks in a rural Northwest community.

The WRITE (WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience) program provides third-year medical students with a five-month clinical experience in a Northwest town/small city. Students in the TRUST program can continue on to the WRITE program and the same clinic/hospital they worked in during their first year.

View the list of WRITE site descriptions and contacts here ».


Financial aid and scholarships for the WWAMI Medical Education Program are coordinated through the UW School of Medicine.

You may also find information on financial aid and scholarships through WSU Spokane Finances Page ».


Below are a list of the current extracurricular student groups and activities to help you gain professional knowledge, understand the current state of medicine, and give back to the community. These opportunities are great for building additional experience and also help to demonstrate your passion for medicine and community on your residency applications.

If you are interested in getting involved, or have questions on any of the activities listed here, contact the Volunteer & Activites Coordinator:

Lynn Howard
WWAMI Spokane Student Services


House of Charity Clinic
This is a volunteer opportunity geared toward first-year students. You will work on Saturday mornings with physician preceptors and third and fourth-year medical students to provide medical care for homeless and disadvantaged people. You will gain valuable experience taking patient histories and functioning as clinicians. These services are provided at the House of Charity, on West Pacific.

World Relief Spokane
World Relief is a non-profit organization that provides refugee resettlement assistance, employment services, immigration services, and works to raise awareness and serve victims of human trafficking. As a volunteer for World Relief you will provide a variety of services, from meeting families as they arrive at Spokane International Airport, to accompanying individuals and families to meetings with health care providers.

Educational Outreach
This activity is for first-year students. You will create and conduct presentations about the heart and other parts of the body for Spokane area elementary, middle and high school students. These will be hands-on experiences that teach the children about their health and discuss the types of health care related careers the younger students might pursue. Getting to interact with the area's younger students makes this project extremely popular.

Clinical Correlation Conferences & Grand Rounds
On a monthly basis, you will accompany your WWAMI Spokane classmates to attend local clinical case presentations. In addition, grand rounds are presented by local attending physicians, family and internal medicine residents.

Student Associations

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
The FMIG is a medical student-led organization that seeks to educate students about the discipline of Family Medicine through educational, social and service learning activities. The FMIG is actively involved in bringing speakers from the community to campus, including the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, to discuss growing local and national health concerns. Topics of discussion have included an interdisciplinary discussion of conflict of interest and the role of pharmaceutical companies in advertising and education. The FMIG is also involved in coordinating student involvement in the House of Charity, a program designed to provide quality health services to the local homeless populations.

National Associations

Students can also be active leaders elected to serve as coordinators for various medical association groups. These groups help classes gain funding for student activities and to organize resources from other WWAMI sites to aid in studying and test preparation. Getting involved and staying connected with national student organizations also gives students opportunities for networking, professional development and activism.

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