The nutrition and exercise physiology degree focuses on the effects of nutrition and exercise on human health. The interdisciplinary program combines study in exercise science, human nutrition, biological sciences and social and psychological sciences with hands-on clinical experience.

The program is co-located in Pullman and Spokane. The first two years, focusing on general education and science prerequisites, are taught in Pullman. The junior- and senior-year courses are taught in Spokane, where the University's close relationship with major medical centers provides unique opportunities for clinical experience.

After completing the degree, students are eligible to take the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) exam to become a certified ACSM Exercise Specialist.

Students will:

  • Integrate foundational information to allow students to obtain professions/professional certifications in nutrition and exercise physiology (NEP)
  • Critically analyze and apply scientific data and clinical information to devise innovative and ethical evidence-based practices in nutrition and exercise physiology
  • Demonstrate effective culturally competent communication skills orally and in writing for specific audiences
  • Exhibit an awareness of professional standards and strive to exceed them.


NEP Office
IWB 306