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Partnership with Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Sciences

PLTW is a national nonprofit organization that partners with high schools to implement courses emphasizing hands-on experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in an effort to prepare students for academic and professional success in these disciplines.  WSU Spokane was recently selected by PLTW as its 4th Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Affiliate and the first university affiliate west of the Mississippi.  BMS is a four-year high school course sequence program that provides students with an understanding of the role biomedical sciences play in the modern world. The courses are founded on rigorous and relevant hands-on activities, projects and problems designed to introduce students to biomedical engineering, molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, anatomy, and public health.  Students graduate with a rich content background in the biomedical sciences and an understanding of the wide spectrum of careers in the biomedical sciences.  They also develop critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills to prepare them for rigorous post-secondary education and career explorations.

WSU Spokane CityLab is a strong supporter of PLTW.  Dr. Oliver was selected as the WSU Spokane PLTW Affiliate Director for BMS and will encourage high school students to enroll in PLTW courses if they are taught at their local school.  For more information about PLTW, please visit the WSU Spokane PLTW website.

Dr. Tony Oertling Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund has been established in memory of Dr. Tony Oertling, former chair of Eastern Washington University's Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. Born in Louisiana of Cajun heritage, he earned his BS at Texas A&M and his doctorate degree from Michigan State University in 1987. Dr. Oertling began teaching at EWU in 1992 after serving in a post-doctoral position at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Friends and colleagues remembered Dr. Oertling for his love of adventure and for his thoughtfulness and bright spirit.  He and his wife, Dr. Mary Zobralske, dedicated much time and effort to assist young people in the exploration of the sciences.  As such, the Tony Oertling Scholarship fund will be used in this spirit to support the youth in our community in science education, especially in collaboration with program at Eastern Washington University.

The Tony Oertling Scholarship fund will be used in 2012 to support two scholarships to supprt elementary and middle school science programs in the eastern Washington region.

CityLab Funding and Support

More detailed information regarding WSU Spokane CityLab funding can be found in Dr. Oliver's professional biographical information (pdf)

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