MESA winners

Salk Middle School MESA team at 2014 Prosthetic Arm Challenge

Winners, 2014 MESA Prosthetic Arm Competition

Life-Changing Opportunities

The Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program located at WSU Spokane and co-sponsored by Eastern Washington University is designed to provide African Americans, Latinos/as, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and women a broad focus of the numerous opportunities and careers available in the mathematics, engineering, and science fields.

The Spokane MESA Center operates during the academic year.  During the year our coordinators work closely with your teacher to enhance your academic experience with field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on activities that tie in with the current curriculum.

Participating schools include four high schools (Ferris, Lewis and Clark, North Central, and Shadle Park) and three middle schools (Glover, Sacajawea, and Salk).

Approximately 400 students participate in Spokane MESA each year. Through MESA's activities, students receive the educational enrichment experiences and practical help needed to prepare for university-level studies in a variety of science and technology related fields. Activities include, field trips, speakers, competitions, classroom enrichment activities, and college preparation services are available.

MESA accomplishes this through a partnership with Spokane Public Schools, families and alumni, community organizations, higher education, industry and business, and government. We are currently expanding our services to Cheney Public Schools.

The center manages an email listserv that allows interested parents/guardians to stay in contact with the staff while receiving information about up-coming events, scholarship information, and educational research and outreach efforts. If you would like to be added please contact us at spokanemesa@wsu.edu.

Members of the Spokane MESA advisory board include representatives from Spokane Public Schools, EWU, WSU, City of Spokane, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Avista, GeoEngineers and other business and community leaders.


STEM Resource Links

CSI in the Classroom Materials

STEM Careers
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Science Skills Practice
  • Khan Academy - Biology
  • Khan Academy - Chemistry
  • Khan Academy - Physics
    Practice math, science, and computer science skills by watching the videos and completing the activities offered through the always-free Khan Academy.  Click on learn to view other subject matter of your choice.
  • Video Science
    Dan Menelly, a science teacher at the UN International School, provides the short videos at the center of this app, teaching students about all kinds of scientific concepts. There's a growing library of over 80 hands-on science lessons that are great for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are designed to inspire and excite kids of all ages. 
Tools and Reference



Shadle Park High School is the top-performing class from the 2014 Spokane MESA 10th Grade Science Competition

Periodically, we send out alumni surveys to learn more about the post-graduation accomplishments of our students. Below are some of their responses.

Your Experience with MESA:

"MESA was great. In high school, you really don't quite understand how the tools you learn will help you in the future. But in hindsight, the creative approach to teaching that MESA represents gives you a valuable lesson in how to work with others, think out of the box and most importantly, believe in yourself."

Michael - North Central High School, Class of 1995
B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington
City Council Policy Analyst for the City of Seattle

"MESA and other organizations provided educational tools that went beyond Math, Science, and Engineering. Although I did not end up in those fields, MESA showed me that I can become someone greater than what society said I was. MESA provided a place of comfort for me to learn and grow."

Luzviminda - Ferris High School, Class of 1996
B.A. in English Education & Masters in American Studies
Community Outreach Youth Counselor at Youth CARE in Seattle

"I loved being a part of the MESA program. It provided a lot of hands-on activities in fields I would have never considered before."

Arlyse - Lewis & Clark High School, Class of 2007
Completing a B.S. in Biology at Whitworth University
Plans to pursue a PhD in Environmental Microbiology

Your College Experience:

"The experience in college is incredible. I love being able to focus on topics directly related to my future career and it doesn't hurt that I love the topics myself. Not many people can say that they have found a field they are truly interested in and it just so happens I can make a career out of it too. The possibilities in science are endless."

Arlyse - Lewis & Clark High School, Class of 2007
Completing a B.S. in Biology at Whitworth University
Plans to pursue a PhD in Environmental Microbiology

Words of Wisdom for your MESA Peers Still in School:

"Choose some place (college/university) you will be happy at socially and academically."

Monet - Shadle Park High School, Class of 1995
BSN (Bachelors of Science of Nursing) from Washington State University
Nurse at Holy Family Hospital

"I would never have thought--given the challenges that I have faced--that I would be where I am today and continuing my education. It does not matter what cards life deals you, make it your first priority to get the education you deserve."

Arlyse - Lewis & Clark High School, Class of 2007
Completing a B.S. in Biology at Whitworth University
Plans to pursue a PhD in Environmental Microbiology

"Always look into schools early and apply to all the schools you want to...and don't slack off during your first year in college because you'll regret it!"

Meili – North Central High School, Class of 2010
Completing a B.A. in Apparel Design at Washington State University

Thank you, MESA alumni, for staying in touch.  Your accomplishments inspire our work.


Joanna Moznette

Joanna Moznette

MESA Spokane Center

Office: SSCF-235
Phone: 509-358-7966
Email: moznette@wsu.edu

Curte Sande

Curt Sande

High School Coordinator
Office: SSCF-267
Phone: 509-358-7965

Email: sande@wsu.edu

Adam Strate

Middle School Coordinator
Office: SSCF-243
Phone: 509-358-7865
Email: adam.strate@wsu.edu

Jacki Bronsch

Office Assistant
Office: SSCF-243
Phone: 509-358-7865
Email: jacklyn.bronsch@wsu.edu


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Spokane MESA 2014
Prosthetic Arm Challenge at Gonzaga University.


Joanna Moznette
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