The Antipsychotic Atlas: Medicare Usage of Antipsychotic Medications in Washington State »

this study is providing a detailed portrait of antipsychotic utilization in Washington at the regional support network and county level to benefit patients with dementia, schizophrenia, and other conditions.

Applied Sciences Laboratory (ASL) »

The contract applied research arm of WSU’s Institute for Shock Physics, ASL houses a multidisciplinary team of scientists who transform scientific innovations into practical solutions in the areas of energy, national security, advanced materials and sensors, and biomedical applications.

Center for International Health Services
Research & Policy (IHSRP Center) »

The IHSRP Center works with Ministries of Health, universities, and research centers to conduct international comparative analyses to improve health system performance and global health, focusing on low or middle-income countries.

Interprofessional Research & Education »

The strategic vision of the campus interprofessional education organization is to promote teamwork and foster mutual understanding through connecting innovative education, collaborative clinical practice and research.

Medical Sciences »

In addition to teaching graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and medical students, medical sciences faculty pursue biomedical research in neuroscience, molecular biology, biochemical genetics, and reproductive science, among other fields.

College of Nursing »

Nursing faculty conduct research on substance abuse, medication management (with the WSU College of Pharmacy), cultural competence in nursing, and human simulation technology in nursing instruction. They also run the National Children's Health Study's Grant County site.

College of Pharmacy »

Pharmacy faculty conduct research focused on novel drug targets, pharmacology (drug interactions), pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine), and drug discovery, as well as the effects of exercise and nutrition.

Program of Excellence in Addictions Research (PEAR) »

The Program of Excellence in Addictions Research (PEAR) mission is to advance innovative, scientifically rigorous approaches to the understanding, treatment, and prevention of addictions.

Sleep and Performance Research Center »

At this cutting-edge research facility, top scientists study sleep and wakefulness in healthy individuals to answer critical questions about the effects of reduced and displaced sleep on cognitive performance and health.

Speech and Language Lab »

The Speech and Language Laboratory at Washington State University conducts research dedicated to exploring the use of modern technology applied to people with speech, hearing, and language disorders

Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice Research (WSICJR) »

This institute offers applied social science research and technical assistance and training for the criminal justice community in Washington State and nationally, focusing on policing, security, corrections, and sentencing. 

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