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2012 Archives

December 17, 2012: Ying Zou, MD, PhD, FACMG, Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, "SNP Microarrays in the Cytogenetics Lab: Clinical Applications"

November 8, 2012: Walter Conwell, MD, University of Colorado Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine, "The Role of Lipid Signaling in Hypersomnolence and Obstructive Sleep Apnea"

October 29, 2012: Maria Fadri-Moskwik, PhD, WSU Spokane research associate, Medical Sciences, "The Prostate Cancer Mitotic Acetylome: Identifying Non-Histone Targets of Hdac Inhibitors in Prostate Cancer"

September 20, 2012: Nathan Palpant, PhD,
UW Institute for Stem Cell and Regnerative Medicine and Center for Cardiovascular Biology, "Heart Development and Disease Understood Through Genetic Engineering of Human Embryonic Stem Cells"

September 17, 2012: Bin Shan, MD, PhD,
WSU Spokane research associate, Medical Sciences, "Decoding non-coding RNAs in 3-D"

May 21, 2012: Michael Smerdon
, WSU Regents professor, biochemistry and biophysics, "DNA Repair in Chromatin: Searching for the Key to Get in"

April 16, 2012: Kathryn Meier, PhD, WSU professor, pharmacy (nutrition and exercise physiology), "Lysophosphatidic Acid: Tales of a Multifunctional Lipid Mediator"

March 5, 2012: Matt Layton, MD, PhD, WSU clinical associate professor, WWAMI medical education, "What Frequent Emergency Department Utilizers and People Trying to Quit Smoking Have in Common....or What I Did Last Summer"

January 23, 2012: Mihály Hajós, PharmD, PhD, Yale School of Medicine, "Neurophysiological Signals as Translational Biomarkers in CNS Drug Discovery: Reverse Translation of Endophenotypes"