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Growing a health sciences campus

We're growing an entrepreneurial health sciences campus founded on elements that are essential for success:

  • Spokane's top-notch medical community
  • WSU's strength as a major research and land-grant university and our long history of teaching the health professions
  • The opportunity to bring together complementary strengths of multiple higher education institutions
  • A focus on leveraging applied research for a measurable impact on the health of individuals and communities
  • The opportunity to build a campus with multidisciplinary programs to have an innovative culture in a prime urban location that serves a large rural region.

Once the domain of Northern Pacific trains, the Spokane campus is developing into a center of teaching and research excellence in the health sciences. Click "Play" on the picture at right for a slideshow detailing the development of the campus, past, present, and future.

Read the 2010 proclamation by the WSU Board of Regents (PDF) designating WSU Spokane as Washington State University's Health Science Campus.


Master Plan

WSU Spokane Master Plan Update 2014-15 (pdf) »

WSU Spokane Master Plan Update APPENDIX 2014-15 (pdf) »

WSU Spokane Master Plan Update

Prior to the 2014 Master Plan Update process, the campus master plan was last updated in 2009 to help address changes and opportunities on campus and around us.

Our future as a biomedical/health sciences research campus includes working in partnership with the region's health care community and private and public partnerships in the expansion of a four-year medical school.

Recent changes on campus include construction of the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Building and the consolidation of the WSU College of Pharmacy in Spokane, both of which were completed in 2013.

Off campus, recent growth of retail, mixed-use, and housing development along West Main Avenue and on East Sprague Avenue, expansion of the Convention Center on the west edge of the University District, and the extension of Riverside Avenue/Martin Luther King Jr. Way along the south side of campus, enable major arterial traffic to bypass the center of campus.

2014 Master Plan

During the period of November 2013 through October 2014, WSU Spokane senior leadership, along with academic deans, campus administration, campus academic partners and the selected master planning consultant, NBBJ, led a collaborative effort to update the 2009 campus Master Plan. The update takes into account the Board of Regents’ 2010 proclamation designating WSU Spokane as the University’s Health Sciences campus, and the University’s ambitious investment in health science academic, research and clinical plans to create a world class academic health science campus.

The Master Plan Update was discussed by the Board of Regents in December, 2014, and was finalized in early 2015. See more here: http://regents.wsu.edu/meeting-dates/December2014/20141212F-2.pdf?0.9080024470791939

The Master Plan Update provides a structured framework for reaching informed decisions when determining short and long term capital planning and growth of the campus for the next 10 years and beyond. It recognizes WSU’s significant commitment to undergraduate, graduate and professional enrollment for the colleges of Nursing, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy and other associated professional and allied health related disciplines. The plan expands and promotes inter-professional academic and professional experiences and translational and enterprise research. It engages our regional health care professionals and community partners to meet and exceed the growing demands for providing health care professionals who can transform delivery of health care now and in the future.

The Master Plan Update mutually supports growth in clinical research and expands campus infrastructure and development to provide essential campus, student, faculty and staff amenities and services that create a greater sense of place and affinity for career path development and graduate opportunities.

It has been studied and approved by executive leadership of the University, campus academic partner Eastern Washington University, the City Council of the City of Spokane, and other external partners and stakeholders.

The following themes are promoted in the 2014 Master Plan Update:

  • Continue to build a world-class Health Sciences Education and Research Campus.
  • Create an integrated campus community, with a clear identity.
  • Prioritize campus open space.
  • Connect with greater Spokane, and specifically the University District.
  • Create a meaningful connection with the Spokane River.


The 2014 Master Plan Update:

  • Acknowledges the University’s pursuit to secure an accredited Medical School on the campus.
  • Accounts for the transfer of the Innovate Washington Building and the Innovate Washington Spokane Technology Center.
  • Addresses the transferred exclusive use of the Phase I building to Eastern Washington University.
  • Addresses campus branding and signage to enhance visibility within the City of Spokane’s University District.
  • Creates a plan to develop the Jensen-Byrd building and immediate surrounding property into a viable heart of the campus for student amenities and services. The revitalized area of campus promotes a new campus front door entrance that serves as a greater connection to the City and region to promote health education, research and build healthier


Previous Master Plan documents

Comments or questions regarding the master plan and the planning process can be sent to spokanemasterplan@wsu.edu.


Active Projects:

University District and Downtown Community Projects

University District Health Clinic: Design approved; construction begins in early 2015

Division Street Gateway: Under way

East Sprague Redevelopment Plan: Implementation plan under way

Martin Luther King, Jr. Way (Riverside Extension): Phase One construction has been completed

University District Bike/Pedestrian Bridge: Construction plans under way

Development Partnerships

WSU is investigating options for property development that support the vision of the campus and goals identified in the master plan update completed in 2009.

WSU will identify other priorities that complement neighboring business and property owners and campus operations, and will strategize with local leaders concerning approaches that will move private development forward in partnership with the campus.



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