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Please use the above Event Planning Checklist Form to guide you through the Event Planning process on the WSU Spokane Campus. 
Questions, contact Heather Byrd at heather.byrd@wsu.edu.


The WSU Spokane Office of Communications plans, organizes, and promotes events on campus. We are also here to help provide support, guidance, and resources to the campus community.

Our goal is to have professional and successful events that bring people together to celebrate our outstanding programs, research, and accomplishments.


Room reservations and setup:

Reminder: Academic uses come first. Requests to use classroom space for special events cannot be confirmed until after the 10th day of classes for each semester.

Please keep in mind that all activities should be consistent with campus policies and procedures, as well as the mission/purpose of your organization.

  • Check available space on campus for the date and time of your event
    Need to know capacities and configurations of the rooms on campus? Check the online room resource page and see a listing of conference rooms and auditoriums.
  • Request a room. If you require a specific setup, be sure to mark this on the room request form. (For example, you may list the number of tables and chairs needed and indicate in what configuration you need them placed. Keep in mind there might be extra costs associated with your setup.)
  • Contact Vivian Knapp in Facilities Operations for a meeting to go over your setup needs.
  • Serving food? Don't forget to fill out a Request to Serve Food form (PDF) to be submitted to the Budget and Finance Office. Also, be aware of safe food handling guidelines.
  • Do you plan to have your event catered? If so, please note that we do not have a standing contract with any particular caterer. You may use any caterer whose service fulfills the needs of your event. If you plan or make arrangements for food services for several meetings or events, we encourage you to use a variety of caterers.
  • Serving alcohol? Be advised of special permits required for your event.
  • You are responsible for leaving the facility in the same condition it was in when you arrived for your event or additional charges may apply.

If you have questions about the room reservation system, please contact student affairs: spok.sserv.sched@wsu.edu.

Parking and visitor information:

We want patrons to our campus to have a good experience while they are here. Providing them with clear and consistent information is the key to making this happen.

  • We typically send campus visitors the following information to help them find us and know where and how to park: Name of event; date of event, time of event; location of event (Riverpoint Campus, Building Name [not the scheduling abbreviation], room number, physical address [Look up a physical address/building name]); hosting/sponsoring unit (Example: Office of the Chancellor, Washington State University Spokane, or College of Business, Eastern Washington University)
  • Please notify campus visitors of the WSU Spokane Campus tobacco-free campus policy. You can use the following paragraph in your event communications:

    "The WSU Spokane Campus is 100 percent tobacco free—smoking and other forms of tobacco are not allowed on campus property, including parking lots, sidewalks, and grounds. For more information on the tobacco-free campus policy, see the tobacco-free campus Web site."
  • Here is a sample paragraph about parking and transportation:
    "Visitors to campus are encouraged to use public transit; STA Routes #26, #28, and #29 serve our campus. Bike racks are located by every building, and the Centennial Trail provides pedestrian/bike access. Unless instructed otherwise, drivers should use the meters in the green parking lots, or park in the Pay and Display lot (uses cash, coin, debit or credit) located just off of Spokane Falls Boulevard to the west of the South Campus Facility at 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. One-hour parking on city streets is also available. A map to help guide you to your campus location can be viewed or printed here."
  • For special events, you can request an electronic parking pass from Parking Services, which you can e-mail out to your guests ahead of time. The department paying for the permits must submit the payment in advance by IRI (WSU) or Purchase Order (EWU).
  • Please include a disabilities accommodation statement when promoting your event. If you have questions about any requests that come your way, contact Becki Meehan. You may use this boilerplate statement:
    "If you are a person with disabilities requiring assistance, please contact [INSERT CONTACT NAME HERE] at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE] seven days prior to the event you will be attending to make arrangements. Advance notice is appreciated, and will help us make the best possible accommodations for your needs."

For additional information on parking at the Riverpoint Campus, please visit our Parking Services site or contact the WSU Spokane Parking Office.

Promoting campus events:

We can help you tell people about your event, but only if we know about it. Please keep us in the loop.

Here are some potential ways to promote your event::
  • WSU Spokane Online Event Calendar
    Fill out the online form to have your event listed. Just click on the padlock icon in the upper right corner, enter your network ID and password, then click on the submit event icon located under the calendar on your right. The form will pop up, and you'll be on your way.
  • Weekly Events Notice
    Contact Connie Sakamoto or Becki Meehan to have your event featured.
  • Posters/flyers on the bulletin boards
    An approval stamp can be obtained at either of the Student Affairs Counters located in the Academic Center or the Phase I Classroom Building.
  • Table tents placed in common areas
  • WSU Spokane Campus Digital Signage (LCD screens in building lobbies)
    Go to the digital signage page for formatting guidelines and to download templates
  • WSU Spokane Facebook and Twitter accounts
    Contact the Communications Office, and we'll help you spread the word.
  • Media Release
    Is this event special news and/or open to the community at large? Let us know, and we can help determine whether or not it warrants a release.

 Other considerations:

  • Do you have a special guest coming to campus? Have you invited an elected official or a VIP who might attract media attention? If so, please notify the WSU Spokane Office of Communications, so we can keep WSU administration in the loop.
  • Is this a fundraiser? If so, please alert your campus or college development officer.


We encourage campus faculty and staff to share our stories with their social networks.


For general questions,
call  509-358-7504 or
email cmf@wsu.edu

For a specific staff member,
go to our Questions? page.