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The basic function of the custodial department is to maintain the appearance, cleanliness, and preservation of the facilities.

The custodial tasks include cleaning/sanitizing, trash/recycle removal, and floor and carpet care, and dusting as time permits. Each custodian has an assigned area to clean while also helping with coverage of the areas of custodians on leave, event set-ups, moving of boxes during office moves, and snow removal.

Scheduled tasks include floor scrubbing and waxing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and changing light tubes and lamps.

Corrugated cardboard, plastic, and aluminum can recycle is collected and taken to distribution sites.

The majority of the custodial staff works 10:00 p.m.to 6:30 a.m. 


Campus moves to new and existing offices/areas are approved by the director Facilities Operations.  A campus space request must be completed. For questions, contact Jon Schad at schad@wsu.edu or 358-7991.

Moves to new and existing offices/areas are coordinated by Facilities Operations. They are performed by Facilities Operations staff and are a billable service; therefore, labor as well as service center fees are charged to the requesting department. 

Please contact Facilities Operations at 358-7994 or email spok.fac.maint@wsu.edu regarding cost estimates as well as lead time to coordinate and schedule a move. 

Moving boxes are provided for use during the move and are to be returned for future use once the move is complete.    

The campus move policy is to keep existing furniture in each office for the next occupant. Exceptions are to be cleared with the director of facilities operations at 358-7991. 

If additional file cabinets or other furniture is needed, contact Facilities Operations as it is possible there may be something available in storage.    


The grounds crew is responsible for the landscape maintenance of the 55-acre campus, which includes maintaining sprinkler systems, lawn and tree care, planting shrubs and flowers, applying lawn chemicals etc. The crew also makes sure the outside campus areas and walkways are clean and unobstructed.

The grounds crew performs furniture moves and reconfigurations as well as a variety of other billable work projects for campus entities.

The grounds crew is responsible for campus snow removal beyond what is performed by the custodial staff. During snow season, snow removal is top priority and other work requests and tasks are done only as time permits.

The majority of the grounds maintenance activities occur during business hours Monday through Saturday. Every attempt is made to minimize the impact of noisy jobs and to be as discrete as possible.

For grounds inquiries, call the Facilities Operations office at 358-7994 or email spok.fac.maint@wsu.edu.


Obtaining Keys

In order to obtain a campus key, a Key Authorization Card is required and is available from the Facilities Operations office at SCF 310 or from a designated individual within your department.

The employee or a department person completes the information on the front of the card.   Building entrance keys are requested separately by Security.  (Entrance keys register the user name, date and time of entry; therefore, it is important they are not passed along to others.)

The key card requires the recipient’s signature as well as an authorizing departmental signature which is a department head or their designate. 

The key card may be sent via intercampus mail or hand-carried to the Facilities Operations office.  Once the keys are available for pickup, the individual and/or department is notified (usually within 2 or 3 business days).  It's usually best to call Facilities Operations at 358-7994 prior to picking up the key(s) to make sure someone will be in the office. 

Other keys, such as desk, cupboard, file cabinet etc. are also available through the Facilities Operations office.  The lock number is required in order to request such keys.  The lock number is imprinted on the face of the lock in very small print. The process for miscellaneous keys is the same as for office/room keys.

For inquires regarding keys, feel free to call Facilities Operations at 358-7994 or email spok.fac.maint@wsu.edu.

Lost Keys

Lost keys are to be reported immediately to Facilities Operations at 358-7994 or Security at 358-7995.   In order to replace lost keys, an invoice is generated and upon payment of the invoice, replacement keys will be issued. 

Returning Keys

Keys may be returned to the Facilities Operations office or to an individual's support person for returning to the Facilities Operations office.  Upon receiving the returned keys, the key records and database are updated to show they were received. Do not hand keys on to the next person as they are the responsibility of the individual to whom they were issued – this includes furniture and cabinet keys.


 Please contact the Facilities Operations office at 358-7994 or email spok.fac.maint@wsu.edu regarding a maintenance problem in a classroom, office, meeting room, work room or restroom.  This includes issues such as temperatures, ceiling leaks, plumbing problems, lights not working, electrical trouble etc.

 Also contact Facilities Operations to report a piece of non-IT equipment that is not working properly or you encounter an issue within a campus building and aren’t sure who to notify.


To keep our campus environmentally friendly, clear of clutter, and free of debris we encourage each WSUS department to surplus extra items to WSU Surplus Stores in Pullman.  Contact your WSUS department's surplus property coordinator for proper surplus procedures. Use this process for all IT equipment and other items.  WSUS Facilities Operations is allowed to take only WSUS surplus items.  No items from non-WSU entities should be surplused through this system.

In an effort to be more efficient in shipping items to WSU Pullman, Facilities Operations will only pick up WSUS surplus items quarterly, the dates are listed below.

  • March 1
  • June 1
  • September 1
  • December 1

An email will be sent announcing the WSUS surplus property pick up date. Please hold all WSUS surplus property items in your department until the date is announced.

Remember to clearly mark all items to be surplused. WSUS Facilities Operations is not responsible for items that are not clearly marked and then surplused.

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