Jim Hodges, 2008

This sculpture, created by Spokane native Jim Hodges, consists of three stainless steel panels, each more than 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The panels sit on the lawn east of the new Nursing Building and cover a plot of land about 10 feet wide and 8 feet long.

The panels also feature different levels of polishing with areas of clear, mirror-like reflection along with areas of distortion. Cut-outs in the panels create a paradox of solid steel and open windows. All of these characteristics combine to form a stimulating, meaningful piece of art.

To create this sculpture, Jim Hodges dipped into his local roots. The piece is dedicated to his mother, Ramona D. Hodges, who recently passed away. Additionally, he cites his Shadle Park High School art teacher, Claudia Halseth, as one of his great influencers. Finally, memories of playing outside in the woods around Spokane inspired his vision.

"Nature has been an inspiration for me from the early days of hanging out in the woods around Spokane," said Hodges. "I found my voice in the woods."

The piece’s outdoor setting and distinct form provide an interesting fusion of man-made modernity and the natural environment. Because of its unique properties and location, each person will experience the sculpture in a different way, opening the door for personal reflection and exploration.

"On the surface, the work offers an invitation to experience oneself in the landscape in multiple ways, both playful and surprising," said Hodges. "'alive lively living,' like its materials, is open, reflective, all encompassing, non-discriminative and equalizing…"