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The WSU Spokane campus is tobacco free.

The tobacco-free policy became effective May 1, 2012. It expands the tobacco-free area mandated by the Washington Clean Indoor Act—which prohibits smoking in public buildings and places of employment, as well as within 25 feet of doors, windows, and ventilation intakes—to include all campus grounds and state-owned vehicles and equipment.

The ASWSU Spokane student senate voted to propose the all-campus tobacco-free policy in April 2011, and campus leadership approved the final policy in December 2011. The measure was proposed to be consistent with the campus designation as the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus.


Effective Date: May 2012

1. No Tobacco Use

In order to create an atmosphere that is consistent with WSU Spokane's vision statement for a creative, engaged, world-class learning enterprise for the twenty-first century that helps design healthy lives, institutions and environments, WSU Spokane prohibits the use and sale of tobacco products in or on the Riverpoint campus premises. 

2. Definitions

For the purposes of this policy, the following words and phrases shall mean:

A. Tobacco Products:  Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah, all forms of smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, clove cigarettes and other alternative products made primarily with tobacco. 

B. Premises:  All buildings, grounds, state owned vehicles and equipment (motor pool, maintenance) including, but not limited to, parking lots, bus stops, city owned and WSU maintained streets or sidewalks within the WSU Spokane campus.

3. Resources

WSU Spokane is committed to assist employees, students, patients, visitors and others, regardless of institutional affiliation in the campus community who use tobacco.  WSUS may make available to such persons resources intended to assist persons who use tobacco.

4. Communication and Compliance

A. The following persons are responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated to employees, students, visitors and others in the WSU Spokane  community:

  •   Human Resources regarding employees
  •   Student Affairs regarding students and room/event scheduling
  •   Academic department leads regarding other visitors
  •   Communications Office for events with external visitors
  •   Facilities Use for outside vendors working on campus
  •   Chancellor's Office regarding partner institutions

B. Each of the above responsible persons may establish procedures and protocols, consistent with each other and this policy, designed to eliminate tobacco use from campus, increase compliance and to assist tobacco users in availing themselves of tobacco dependency treatment options.

C. Any exception to this policy requires the written approval of the Chancellor. 

5. Sanctions

Efforts will be made to eliminate the need for sanctions by first informing employees, students and visitors of the policy before they arrive and by providing appropriate information and care while they are on WSU Spokane premises.  Any person who repeatedly violates this policy may be asked to leave the premises and/or may be removed. Employees may be subject to corrective or disciplinary action and other sanctions available to enforce this policy.

6. Signage

Signs declaring WSU Spokane as "tobacco-free" shall be posted at the campus entries and other conspicuous places.  

7. Disclosure of Policy and Information

A. All faculty and staff are encouraged to assist in the implementation and enforcement of this policy by making tobacco product users aware of the requirements of this policy.

B. Employees, students and visitors will be advised of this policy in a manner determined by the above-described responsible persons.

C. Persons with concerns and suggestions about the implementation or enforcement of this policy may call the WSU Spokane Chancellor's Office.

**This policy does not intend to impede on IRB research projects. IRB-approved research projects are exempt from this policy.


Explore the boundaries of the campus tobacco-free zone (marked in yellow) with this interactive Google map.

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Plenty of resources are available to those looking to quit smoking. Employees and students may want to contact their health insurance provider to check on tobacco cessation coverage and options. The listing below—provided in part by the Spokane Regional Health District—contains links and contact information for a variety of free and not-for-profit resources for smoking cessation, both online and in the local community. It is being provided as a courtesy and does not imply endorsement by WSU of the services/resources offered.

National/Online Resources

American Cancer Society 800-227-2345,
option 3
Self-help materials, including the "Complete Guide to Quitting"
American Lung Association 800-586-4872 Lung Helpline provides access to quit-smoking specialists, referrals to local resources
EX Plan Free, online quit smoking program that helps you re-learn your life without cigarettes

877-448-7848 Evidence-based information and professional assistance to support the needs of people trying to quit smoking, including LiveHelp instant messaging service, national quitline, and publications.

Local/State Resources

Community Health Education & Resources
Tobacco cessation programs, including phone support, educational support groups, education through mail, and community resources.
NOTE: Four-week "Quit for Good" tobacco cessation program starts the first Wednesday of every month. Biweekly support groups meet throughout the year, every other Monday, from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Providence Holy Family Health Education Center. 2012 dates: June 11 & 25; July 9 & 23
Group Health Cooperative 800-462-5327 Resources for members to quit tobacco, including the Quit for Life program
Nicotine Anonymous 509-926-9804 Free, weekly local support group meetings every Wed. from 3 to 4:00 p.m. at Spokane Valley Partners, 10814 E Broadway Ave.
Uniform Medical Plan 866-784-8454 Tobacco cessation services for members through the Quit for Life program, including phone counseling, online communications, nicotine replacement therapy, and educational materials,
WA State Dept of Health, Tobacco Prevention and Control 800-QUIT-NOW


Quit Line services for eligible Washington residents.

Resources for Health Professionals

US Office of the Surgeon General Information on treating tobacco dependence for clinicians and systems decision makers 
WA State Department of Health, Chronic Disease Training & Outreach Center Provider resources focused on promoting tobacco cessation among patients.
WSU College of Nursing Smoking Cessation Counseling 509-324-7432 Educational materials for health care professionals to help patients quit smoking


If you have questions about the Campus Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, please contact the appropriate office listed below.

Current/Prospective Students

WSU/UW WSU Student Affairs 509-358-7978 spokanestudents@wsu.edu
EWU EWU Student Services 509-828-1393 gscott@ewu.edu


WSU/UW WSU Human Resources 509-358-7740 spok.hr.info@wsu.edu
EWU EWU Student Services 509-828-1393 gscott@ewu.edu
Innovate WA Maria Hartshorne 509-358-2087 mariah@innovatewashington.org

Campus Visitors

WSU Student Affairs 509-358-7978 spokanestudents@wsu.edu


If you have questions about the Tobacco-Free Policy, please contact the appropriate office listed below.

Current/Prospective Students
WSU Student Affairs

EWU Student Services

WSU Human Resources

EWU Student Services

Campus Visitors
WSU Student Affairs