Biohazardous agents are bacteria, viruses, or parasites that cause disease. On campus, the agents most likely to be encountered will be body fluids such as blood, vomit and semen.

If human blood and/or body fluids are encountered, DO NOT CLEAN THEM UP.

Contact your supervisor and contact Campus Security at (509) 358-7995.  Security will contact Environmental Health and Safety personnel.  

Evacuate the area until it is determined to be safe by the appropriate authorities. If direct skin contact with blood/body fluids does occur, immediately wash the affected skin with hot water and soap and report it to your supervisor.

  • If the skin area is intact (no cuts, abrasions, chapped hands, etc.) this is not considered an “exposure” and there is no danger of being infected with a pathogen.
  • If there has been a puncture wound to the skin, i.e., needle puncture, nail puncture, etc. or if the affected skin area does have cuts, abrasions, chapped hands, etc., a post exposure evaluation should be performed immediately.

Campus personnel who injure themselves and cause a blood spill should clean up the spill by themselves, if possible, with a 10% bleach solution.  A trained staff member from Environmental Health and Safety will assess the need for further cleanup.


  • Prior to calling Campus Security, determine how large the spill area is.
  • Inform Campus Security if the spill area is smaller than, or larger than, two square feet. The spill area is the area actually covered by the blood/body fluids.
  • Complete an online Incident Report form (S25.20.7) and forward it, within 24 hours, as directed. Obtain the report online or by calling (509) 358-7994.  


Campus Alert Line:

509-358-7760 or 509-358-7994