In advance, each staff person should:

Understand the evacuation plan for each building. Evacuation maps are located near the elevators in each building and in each classroom and conference room. You will be directed to a safe location by a university official, i.e., supervisor, floor captain, Campus Security officer.

Recognize the sound of the evacuation alarm which could be a siren, horn, a person, or the public address system.

Know at least two ways out of the building from your regular workplace, and practice using those exits.

When you hear the evacuation alarm or are told to evacuate the building:

Remain calm.  Leave quickly but safely.

Floor captains present in each department shall be responsible for ensuring that all members of their section evacuate the area. 

As the floor captains exit, they should check nearby classrooms, restrooms, workrooms, etc.  If you notice people staying behind notify first responders and university officials of their location.

In addition, every employee should check that all others in that workspace or classroom are leaving as instructed.

Assisting at Risk Individuals - Everyone shall assist the disabled person and any co-worker who appears to need calm direction or assistance.  If disabled person(s) are unable to leave the building assist them to the area of rescue located in a fire rated stairwell of each building. Inform emergency personnel of the location of the disabled person in the stairwell. (See instructions near lobby elevator in all buildings)

If you are at your work station, take personal items such as car keys, purse and/or briefcase, and coat.  Do not attempt to take large or heavy objects or attempt to save possessions at the risk of personal injury.  Secure valuable items. Any valuable written information should be stored off site. 

Shut all doors behind you as you go.  Closed doors can slow the spread of fire, smoke, and water.

Do not use elevators, but proceed as quickly as possible, in an orderly manner, to stairways.

Hold handrails when you are walking down the stairs and keep to the right.

Do not push or shove.

Once out of the building, move away from the structure to a safe area or as directed by university officials or go to the appropriate Emergency Assembly Location (EAL)

Meet with other members of your department and remain in the EAL.  Floor captains should conduct a head count and if someone is missing notify authorities.   Wait for further instructions from Campus Security.  Do not re-enter the building until given the "all clear" from a Security officer.

Fill out an Incident Report form (S25.20.7) and forward it, within 24 hours, as directed. Obtain the report online or by calling (509) 358-7994.  Immediately report accidents that result in death, serious injury (e.g., fracture, amputation) or in-patient hospitalization of WSU personnel or third parties. This applies to all personnel on campus, including WSU Spokane, EWU, SIRTI, and SIRTI tenants.


Campus Alert Line:

509-358-7760 or 509-358-7994