Washington State University Spokane is committed to maintaining the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors. As part of this commitment, the university has prepared this Campus Safety Plan, containing a comprehensive listing of university policies, procedures, statistics and information relating to campus safety.

Communicating with the Campus and Public During Emergencies »
Campus Safety Plan Oversight »
Crime and Fire Statistics/Jeanne Clery Act »
WSU Spokane Demographics »
WSU Police and Campus Safety Services »
Preventing and Responding to Violence/Campus Emergencies »
Standards of Conduct and Policies »
Student Privacy »
Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Stalking »
Services for People with Disabilities and Special Needs »
Mental Health and Counseling »
Mutual Assistance & Memorandums of Understanding »
Institutional Compliance »

Many university units collaborate to address campus safety issues and needs through their programs. Together, these programs comprise the plan for maintaining a safe campus for all.