WSU Spokane  has four tools available for crisis communication.  The four tools are the Campus Outdoor Warning System consisting of public address speakers mounted throughout campus; the CougAlert notification system which consists of a vendor provided service that contacts the university community directly via cell phones (both voice and text), landlines (voice), email and pagers with emergency warnings and notifications, desktop messaging via the VOIP phone system. The last tool is the message reader boards located in College of Nursing, Health Sciences Building, Phase One Building,  Academic Center and Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Building. The WSU Spokane ALERT web site will serve as the primary source of emergency and other critical information for the campus.

Due to the variety of ways to send an emergency message the duties have been divided between the Facilities Operations department, the Information Technology department and the Communication department.


The CougAlert is an opt-in system. Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to sign up to receive emergency messages through this system. Follow these instructions to register for CougAlert:

  • Connect to ZZUsis
  • Look at the "Spokane Emergency Info" section.
  • Click on the "update your emergency contact" link and that will take you directly to the "Employee Emergency Notification Information" web site.

Be sure to read the TERMS OF SERVICE prior to registration. If your cell phone service charges fees for text messages, you are responsible for those charges.

Complete information on WSU Crisis Communications System and Resources can be found at the WSU Spokane Alert website.

Emergency Communications Include the Following Items:

  • Riverpoint Campus Emergency Management Plan
  • Riverpoint Campus Emergency Procedure
  • Campus Outdoor Warning System which is tested quarterly.
  • CougAlert sends messages through email, office phones, personal cell phone and text message to personal cell phones. CougAlert will be tested in November and April.
  • VOIP phone system can deliver emergency messages to the desk top.
  • Message Reader Boards located in College of Nursing, Health Sciences Building, Phase One Building, Academic Center, and Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Building.
  • Emergency Outdoor Telephones which are tested weekly.
  • Elevator phones which are tested monthly.
  • Timely Warning System
  • Facilities Operations employee training re: emergency shut off valves
  • Emergency evacuation maps and instructions are located in classrooms and conference rooms throughout campus.
  • Emergency evacuation maps are located near the elevators in each building.
  • Other campus emergency plans include transportation issues, shelter in place and agreements with other local universities.

During emergencies, the primary resource for information on the current status of WSU Spokane for the university community as well as the general public will be at the WSU Spokane Alert website. The site is available to anyone with access to the internet and will be updated as conditions warrant with current information during a crisis affecting the university. Additional communications will come from the internal communications resources of the Division of University Relations.

The WSU Spokane Campus Alert phone number is 509-323-2474 and it will be updated accordingly.