The WSU Spokane Campus Security Department consists of four commissioned officers:

  • One Lieutenant
  • One Sergeant
  • Four Full Time Officers
  • Nine Part Time Officers

WSU Spokane Campus Security personnel information can be obtained from the following resource:

WSU Spokane Campus Security
Al Pignataro, Security Lieutenant
509-358-7993 or pignataro@wsu.edu

All of the above information can also be obtained from the following resource:

Facilities Operations Office
Jon Schad, Director of Facilities Operations
358-7991 or schad@wsu.edu .

WSU Spokane Campus Security networks with other local universities and colleges regarding safety and security issues and criminal activity. 

The Lieutenant is a member of the Collegiate Preparedness Workgroup committee that consists of individuals from local universities and colleges that meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues pertinent to all of the campuses. Topics range from health and wellness, security, emergency management and preparedness, environmental health and safety, pedestrian safety, etc. 

Campus Wide Safety Improvements

To enhance campus security and safety the following improvements have been made:

  • Camera system - currently there are 23 cameras placed throughout campus.  Over the next year the camera system will be expanded.
  • Pedestrian safety - the crosswalk on Spokane Falls Blvd from yellow parking lot 2 to the nursing building now has a flashing yellow light system to provide greater safety and visibility to all pedestrians crossing at that location.
  • Shots fired video. This video provides guidance for surviving an active shooter situation. Contact WSU Spokane Campus Security Lt. Al Pignataro for scheduling this video for your department or class.