The safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus is of utmost importance to WSU Spokane. WSU Spokane Campus Security is responsible for a wide range of services to the campus community. Services can be accessed on campus by calling the 24 hour security number at 509-358-7995. These services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Initial crime report investigations
  2. First responder roles to crimes and emergencies
  3. Emergency response to Code Blue Pole calls
  4. Vehicle safety patrols in all campus parking lots
  5. Safety escorts to and from vehicles on campus
  6. Key services for all campus buildings and rooms
  7. Timely warnings for Clery Act compliance
  8. Crime log compiling and posting
  9. Vehicle jump starts and unlocking service
  10. Posting emergency notifications to the Everbridge mass notification system

All services are available on the WSU Spokane Campus and immediate adjacent properties under the discretion of the security supervisor.

Campus Security also is involved with many campus-wide programs. Programs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Various departmental / new student orientations
  2. Fire floor captain orientations and continued training
  3. Annual fire drills for every campus building
  4. Annual parking lot safety survey
  5. Submit weekly statistics
  6. Security program for the Spring/Fall kick off events
  7. Campus community bike registration
  8. Clery annual report to the campus community and D.O.E.
  9. Crime prevention seminars
  10. Active shooter training seminars

Responding to campus violence and other campus emergencies information can be located in the following resources:

  • WSU Spokane Campus Emergency Management
  • WSU Spokane Campus Emergency Procedure website.
  • WSU Spokane Campus Pandemic Plan
  • Table Top Exercise
  • Crisis Communication Protocol which sends messages through email, office phones, personal cell phone and text message to personal cell phones
  • Timely Warning System
  • Facilities Operations Employee training re: emergency shut off valves
  • Emergency evacuation maps and instructions are located in classrooms and conference rooms throughout campus.
  • Emergency evacuation maps are located near the elevators in each building.
  • Other campus emergency plans include transportation issues, shelter in place and agreements with other local universities.

The purpose of a safety escort is to get students, faculty and other staff safely to their destination on campus. Escort services are provided by WSU Spokane Campus Security and are available 24 hours a day including holiday and weekends.

To receive this service please call WSU Spokane Campus Security at 358-7995, an officer will meet with you to provide you with an escort. Transportation after hours to a location off campus is something we normally do not provide; however, under certain emergency situations it will be evaluated by the on duty security officer. At no time should this service be misused and considered as a taxi service.

Student sponsored crime prevention and counseling programs are provided by Student Affairs through the following programs:

  • Brown bag luncheon sessions
  • Safety pamphlets available in Student Affairs reception area
  • Student orientations
  • Aware Network  This site is dedicated to helping WSUS students by providing a forum for early intervention to anyone who has direct contact with students.  Through this website we hope to provide you with the resources you need to assist a student, and/or open communication channels so that someone else may provide the appropriate help through the Aware Network. 
  • Fall/Spring Kickoffs for faculty members
  • WSU Spokane Student Handbook