Sexual assault in any form, includes acquaintance rape, violates WSU’s standard of conduct and will not be tolerated. WSU Spokane has instituted procedures to respond to violations of these standards, programs aimed at the prevention of such conduct, and intervention on behalf of the victims.

Our Security officers will assist any sexual assault victim with respect and dignity. Their confidentiality is of the utmost importance, we will help by providing resources to assist you. The office of Student Affairs and Counseling is available on campus and other services are available in the community. Call or contact the Security office at 358-7995.

Upon receiving a complaint or inquiry for one of the following crimes: sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking the security officer and Public Safety will refer the person to the Student Affairs, Human Resources, Spokane Police department and/or local community resources.

Sexual assault information can be obtained from the following resources:

Domestic violence information can be obtained from the following resources:

  • RCW 10.99
  • WAC 388-60
  • WSU Spokane Student Handbook, Abuse of self or others, WAC 504-26-204.

Stalking information can be obtained from the following resources:

WSU Spokane Counseling Services are available through the following resource:

Community Resources include:

  • SAFeT 24-hr
    Sexual Assault Response
    (509) 624-7273
  • YWCA Alternatives to Domestic Violence
    24-hour response
    (509) 326-2255
  • YWCA Women’s Resource Center
    (509) 326-2255
  • Crisis Services and Suicide Prevention WSUS Counseling
    (509) 358-7740
    (weekdays 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)
  • Spokane Crisis Line
    (509) 838-4428
  • Family Counseling Services
    (509) 838-4428
  • Spokane Mental Health
    (509) 838-4651
  • Need Help? (PDF)  If you are feeling overwhelmed with life and need to seek assistance, please consider this list as an additional resource.

Sexual harassment information can be obtained from the following resources: