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These guidelines are for any WSU Spokane Campus organization (faculty, staff or students) to plan and host an event where food will be served. The guidelines should be followed to help ensure people attending the event will have a safe and healthy experience.

Private Food Event

  • Limited to a specific group of people. 
  • Group can include students, staff and faculty.
  • Group can include student’s family members for a departmental event.
  • No charge to attend this event.
  • No food worker’s card is required. 
  • A valid Washington State Food Worker’s Card is recommended for a large BBQ or food event where potentially hazardous foods (PHFs) are served. 
  • Remember when handling food items to wear disposable gloves.  Each department will need to provide disposable gloves.
  • Could use a caterer to prepare and serve food for a private food event.
  • Required to have verification of attendee’s identification or have a sign in sheet. 
  • Recommended to have signage stating this food event is a private event intended for a specific group.


Public Food Event

  • Requires a permit from Spokane Regional Health District. Permit applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the event to avoid a double fee. Permitting process can take up to 2 weeks. Cash, check or credit card accepted.
  • Open to the general public or receive compensation for the food.
  • Charge a fee to attend
  • Could use a caterer to prepare and serve food for a public food event.


 Washington State Food Worker’s Card

Catered Events

  • Caterer should have all the necessary permits from the Spokane Regional Health District.
  • Caterer is responsible for proper refrigeration and heating of food.
  • Caterer should know the ingredients in food items being served and be able to verbally list the items, if asked.
  • The WSU Spokane Campus does not have any commercial kitchens on campus.  Caterer should come to campus with food prepared.


BBQ Units

  • Are available from WSU Spokane Parking Office (368-6999). A rental fee will be charged.
  • Each unit will include a digital thermometer.
  • Each unit will have signage regarding:
    • Minimum Cooking Temperatures
    • Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHFs) list
    • Proper Glove Use
    • Prevent Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods


Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHFs)

  • For a complete list of the PHF food items click here.
  • Potentially hazards foods (phf) means a food that has  to be kept at certain temperatures to slow the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Potentially hazardous foods are often involved in foodborne illness outbreaks. They are usually high in moisture and protein.
  • Common potentially hazardous foods include meat, fish, poultry, sprouts, sliced melons, fresh herb and garlic in oil mixtures, dairy products, cooked produce,  starches, cut leafy greens and cut tomatoes.
  • Remember when handling food items to wear disposable gloves.  Each department will need to provide disposable gloves.
  • Pizza is considered a PHF and must be temperature controlled (140°F or above, or 41°F or less).  If time is used as a public health control instead of temperature, the product must be marked with the time that is 4 hours past the point in time when it was removed from temperature control. Any product remaining after 4 hours must be discarded in the garbage.


Potlucks: (WAC 246-215-011)

Potluck is considered a private event.

Potluck definition is:

  • People are gathered to share food;
  • People attending are expected to bring food to share;
  • There is no compensation provided to people for bringing food to the event;
  • There is no charge for any food or beverage provided at the event; and
  • The event is not conducted for commercial purposes


Bake Sales for Educational Groups or Nonprofit Campus Groups

  • Exempt from food permit
  • Non-potentially hazardous baked goods only
  • Food items can be prepared in a non-commercial kitchen
  • Foods need to be individually wrapped
  • A clearly placed sign stating "Food was prepared in a kitchen not inspected by a regulatory authority. Food may have come in contact with other food allergens during preparation" must be present to inform consumers.


Cleanup after the event (each department to furnish own cleaning supplies)

  • Recommendation:  Prior to setting out food on the table; cover the table with a disposable tablecloth and when the event is over properly dispose of it in the garbage. 
  • Recommendation:  If you wish to wipe off surfaces use Lysol/Clorox disinfectant wipes. 
  • Due to potential damage to carpet and clothing please do not use the bleach/water solution to clean surfaces. 


Serving Alcohol


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