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internal resource for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to access secure information regarding their records at Washington State University.


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Registering for Classes

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For all campuses and WSU online courses.

Course Request Form »

Supplied by Academic Media Services.

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Calendar, class schedule, cancellation and registration forms, student insurance forms.

Registrar Office Network »

RONet Home page. Academic calendar events, announcements, and related links.



Shipping & Receiving Form »

Mailing form.

Student Information Release Form »

(PDF) Record requests for information from student files.


Room Scheduling »

Room request form, videoconference requests and more.

Clinical Scheduling Form »

(PDF) Nursing Room Request Form – Clinical Room Scheduling Only.

Space Request

WSU Spokane units have all been allocated space assignments. Please work within your unit use the allocated space as best fits your needs. Whenever a change in office assignments is made please record that activity by completing the necessary Move, Add, Change - MAC Form (aka 1025 form) found on the WSU Spokane facilities website. Our campus guideline through 2013 will be that units meet any new space needs within their current allocation.

If you have an unusual need that cannot be accommodated within current space, please contact the campus facilities office to explore whether other space can be identified for this need.

Space allocation guidelines (PDF) »

Helpful links

Events »

Events on and off campus.

Room resource (pdf) »

For a listing of all rooms on campus, including attributes and seating capacity (PDF)

R25 web viewer »

Shows availability of campus rooms and facilities.

Move, Add, Change - MAC Form (aka 1025 form) »


Campus rooms


  • Complete the room request form and press submit; the form goes directly to the scheduling coordinator.
  • Once we assign your room, you will receive a R25 confirmation.
  • Note IT/Tech or Facilities Operations requests on the form. The confirmation form will list this information and will alert both departments.
  • Do not submit this form if you are requesting a videoconference—that leads to duplicated meetings.

Academic Media Services Videoconference


  • Complete the AMS request form and press submit; the form goes directly to Sheree Collins in Pullman.
  • Sheree sends information to the Spokane scheduler, who assigns a room in R25 (including videoconferencing contact and dial-up information)
  • AMS will notify you of your room assignment via e-mail.

Connect to

  • the AMS request form, videoconference site locations, and contact information,
  • instructions for presenting in a videoconference room,
  • videoconference policies,
  • scheduling procedures, and
  • the AMS videoconference system map.


Washington State University is designated by state law as the institution with full power, authority, and responsibility to manage and operate the campus, housing academic programs operated and delivered for the benefit of WSU, Eastern Washington University, and the Spokane community. As such, priority for scheduling events will be given to support the teaching component of WSU and EWU academic programs located on the campus, with the least disruption to the students served.

Soliciting, vending, and merchandising of goods, food, services, articles, wares, or merchandise of any nature whatsoever, within the boundary of state-owned and controlled property is prohibited, except by written permission of the WSU Spokane director of student affairs.

The campus is not equipped or staffed to provide the amenities normally associated with hotels, conference centers, or other venues that specialize in providing space and support for meetings, conferences, and events for the general public. Consequently, approval to use campus facilities does not construe that non-university users or event attendees will have access to use of university telephones, fax, or copy machines, or other equipment or facilities not agreed to be provided in advance of the event, or to the provision of catering, messaging, secretarial, copying, or similar services. In addition, WSU Spokane will provide no facilities or equipment not approved in advance of the event (e.g., requests received on the date of facility use will not be honored).

Campus Facilities Fee Schedule (PDF) »

Campus Facilities Use Policy (PDF) »


Nominate a deserving colleague for the

2015 Staff Excellence Award »

Nomination deadline: Monday, November 9th.

2015 Faculty Excellence Award »

Honoring excellence

Washington State University Spokane takes pride in recognizing and honoring the stellar accomplishments and contributions of our world-class faculty, civil service/bargaining unit, and administrative/professional personnel.

Each year, the Faculty Excellence Award is presented at our Commencement ceremony, usually held the first Friday in May.

The Staff Excellence Awards are presented at the annual back-to-school campus-wide event, usually held in January.

Staff Excellence Award

The Washington State University Spokane Employee Excellence Award Program recognizes outstanding contributions to our university and the Spokane community by WSU Spokane civil service/bargaining unit and administrative professional employees at this campus. One civil service/bargaining unit employee AND one administrative/professional employee are recognized for outstanding service each year. The selection committee consists of past recipients.

Recipients are honored at a campus-wide ceremony. Names of all recipients are engraved on a permanent plaque near the Chancellor's Office.

Faculty Excellence Award

The primary criterion of the Faculty Excellence Award is teaching excellence in academic or community settings. The selection committee consists of past recipients.

Recipients are honored during the WSU Spokane Commencement Ceremony. Names of all recipients are engraved on a permanent plaque near the Chancellor's Office.


Excellence Awards Recipients

Prior to 2001, one Staff Excellence Award was given each year to either a classified or an administrative/professional staff member. Beginning in 2001, an award was given to one of each.

Admin./Professional Staff Excellence Award

  • 2014: Kim Noe
  • 2013: Devon Grant
  • 2012: Tami Kelley
  • 2011: Becki Meehan
  • 2010: Jaime Rice
  • 2009: Patti Petersen
  • 2008: Luke Rice (Spring)
  • 2008: Sandi Baldwin (Fall)
  • 2007: Joyce Harbison
  • 2006: Sicco Rood
  • 2005: Kaarin Appel
  • 2004: Barb Chamberlain
  • 2003: Kiley Schenk
  • 2002: Jon Schad
  • 2001: Diane Wick
  • 1999: Melody Matthews
  • 1998: Steven Meltzer
  • 1997: Jan Short
  • 1996: Bart Brazier
  • 1995: Charlotte Hardt

Classified Staff Excellence Award

  • 2014: Brady Ratsch
  • 2013: Teresa Kruger
  • 2012: Norene Phillipson
  • 2011: Jane Rudd
  • 2010: Kenny Bisagno
  • 2009: Joanna Moznette
  • 2008: Bob Scharff (Spring)
  • 2008: Gretchen Eaker (Fall)
  • 2007: Kristie Wardrop
  • 2006: Helen Bolen
  • 2005: Matthew Nelson
  • 2004: Jeanie Smith
  • 2003: Doug Stephens
  • 2002: Linda Loos
  • 2001: Vivian Knapp
  • 2000: Elizabeth West
  • 1994: Ginger Vietzke

Faculty Excellence Award

  • 2014: Gail Chermak
  • 2013: Hans Van Dongen
  • 2012: Nancy Potter
  • 2011: David Brody
  • 2010: Cindy Corbett
  • 2009: Jae Kennedy
  • 2008: John Roll
  • 2007: Winsor Schmidt
  • 2006: Fevzi Akinci
  • 2005: Paul Schimpf
  • 2004: Joseph Coyne
  • 2003: Douglas J. Menzies
  • 2002: Clarke St. Dennis
  • 2001: David C. Wang
  • 2000: Christopher Blodgett
  • 1999: Stephen Setter
  • 1998: Sylvia Adams Oliver
  • 1997: Larry G. Fisher
  • 1996: Linda K. Massey
  • 1995: John Anthony Seikel
  • 1994: Dennis Dyck
  • 1993: Danial Baker
  • 1992: Charles Madison