You may appeal a ticket on-line or by filling out an appeal form in the Parking office. The completed appeal form and any proof must be received in the parking office within ten days from the date the ticket was issued. Appealing a ticket does not negate the 30-day late fine. Appeal a WSU parking violation.

Disabled vehicles

If your vehicle becomes disabled, and you cannot move it immediately, and you need to have it towed or repaired, call our office to put your name on the disabled vehicle log. We also provide assistance with jump starts, vehicle unlocks, and getting emergency gasoline. After hours, call security at 509.358.7995.

Lost and stolen permits

If you find a permit that does not belong to you, return it to our office. The display of a permit that has been reported lost or stolen carries a $250 fine and possible criminal prosecution. If your permit is stolen or lost, call our office as soon as you notice it.  A replacement permit may be obtained at the Parking Office.

Our hours

Parking and Transportation Services is located in room 314 of the South Campus Facilities building (west side), behind the Bookie. We are open from 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm on Fridays.


Permits are not valid in metered areas. If you park at a meter, you must feed the meter for as long as you park. Meters are good for up to 5 hours.  The metered areas are enforced rigorously. Specific rates and enforcement times are posted on each meter: be sure to read meters. Meters are enforced at all hours.

Motorcycle permits are required

Motorcycles need permits to park on campus. Motorcyclists are allowed to park in any parking lot provided that they have the appropriate parking pass. 

Motorist assistance program

Parking and Transportation Services exists to serve you and to get you where you need to be. In addition to providing parking facilities, our friendly staff provides the following services (on campus) at no charge:

  • Excellent directions around campus
  • Aid in changing a flat tire
  • Jumper cables and assistance in starting a vehicle

Just call 509.368.6999 to request assistance. After 6:30 p.m., call security at 358.7995.

Do I need a parking permit?

Yes, having a permit is the first step toward hassle-free on-campus parking. Washington State mandates that parking at its colleges and universities will be "self supporting." Your parking fee is a user fee that enables WSU to build new parking facilities and maintain existing ones. Without these fees, we would not be able to provide adequate parking facilities. Annual permits are available from the parking operations and transportation services office in room 314 of the South Campus Facilities building (west side), behind the Bookie. Parking permits are required at all hours.

Parking signs

There are signs at the entrances to each lot. Each sign indicates the permit type (color and number) and the days and times that the lot is restricted to permits only. The background of most signs is color-coded to correspond with the permit. Be sure to check the signs before you park.


The Secret to Success
If you follow the few restrictions posted on this site and park in a marked space in the lots where your permit is valid, you will never get a ticket.

Never, Never . . .
Properly displaying a valid permit is the first step to hassle-free parking. There are also a few things to avoid: Never park in a fire zone or in red and yellow curb areas. Parking in disability, service, or reserved zones requires a special permit—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if I got a ticket on my windshield?
If, after all that, you still get a ticket, come to our office and talk with us. If you received a meter violation or a violation for being parked overtime in a time zone, the fine can be reduced by half if it is taken care of within 24 hours. Recently, we have stepped up our collections process and are able to identify vehicles faster and easier. For all violations, an additional late payment fine will be added to unpaid tickets after 30 days.

Yes, We Wheel Lock
A wheel lock is a device that immobilizes your vehicle so that you cannot drive it. If you should happen to accumulate three or more unpaid tickets your vehicle will be placed on the wheel lock list.

If your vehicle is spotted on campus a wheel lock will be put on it and an additional wheel lock fee will be charged. The wheel lock will not be removed until all tickets and the wheel lock fee are paid in full with cash. If tickets are not paid within 24 hours, the vehicle may be towed away.

Where can I use my permit?

The following guide will help you understand how your parking permit can be used in other campus parking zones:

  • Orange: Orange permit holders may park in the orange,green, yellow or red zones.
  • Green: Green permit holders may park in the green, yellow, or red zones.
  • Yellow: Yellow permit holders may park in any yellow or red zone.
  • Red: Red permit holders may park in their assigned red zone.
  • Visitor permits: Visitor's need to purchase a daily permit that matches any corresponding colored parking lot, or may use the pay and display machines in the Orange 1, Yellow 1, Yellow 2 or Yellow 3 parking lots.

Daily permit costs:

  • Orange: $4.00
  • Green: $3.50
  • Yellow: $2.50
  • Red: $2.00
  • If a visitor will be here for two hours, he may use the parking meters that are located in each of the lots. The cost is $1.00/hour with a five hour maximum time limit.
  • All signs must be read and followed.





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