An F-1 student is a non-immigrant enrolled in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and in pursuit of a full course of study at a U.S. institution approved by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Once F-1 students attain their objectives, the U.S. government expects them to return their residences abroad.

The following links provide information useful to F-1 students, as does
Office of international students and scholars
at WSU Pullman.

Taking classes at WSU Spokane »

Concurrent enrollment »

Process and regulations for enrolling in another DHS-approved school, as well as WSU Spokane.

Immigration documents »

Information about passports, F-1 visa stamps, I-20 forms, and I-94 departure records.

Reduced course load »

Process and regulations for enrolling in less than a full-time
program of study.

Travel »

Information about temporary absence and reentry into the USA.

Getting a job or paid internship »

Employment »

DHS restrictive employment regulations and other information necessary to working in the U.S.

Curricular Practical Training »

Requirements for engaging in employment and paid internships
important to major fields of study.

Optional Practical Training »

Requirements for engaging in employment before or after
degree completion.

Tax Regulations »

Information on Income tax, social security tax, immigration status
and tax withholding, and how to obtain a social security card.

After WSU Spokane »

Extending F-1 status »

Conditions and procedures for extending F-1 status if you do not complete your program.

Maintaining F-1 status »

DHS regulations for maintaining legal F-1 status.

Departing WSU Spokane »

How to leave WSU Spokane upon completion, withdrawal, or transfer to another school.

Transfer-out Process »

Procedures and regulations for transferring out of WSU Spokane.



Kristie Brink
International Student Advisor
WSU Spokane
Academic Center 145