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All regularly enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students attending WSU Spokane are members of the ASWSUS.

The Executive Branch consists of the President and Vice President, who are elected by the student body, as well as  the Executive Staff. The executive staff are appointed by the President and VP to help implement their vision for ASWSU Spokane for the benefit of all students.

The Legislative Branch consists of an eighteen person Senate elected by the student body. Senators are expected to engage in discussion/debate on the issues and concerns of their constituents, create legislation and resolutions representing the needs and desires of their fellow students. Senators also have the opportunity to create and put into use, individual projects benefiting their constituents and serve on ASWSU Spokane committees.

The ASWSUS Executive Branch


Jared Kavanaugh, ASWSU President

Jared Kavanaugh


Program of Study: Pharmacy

My Goals: This year I plan to work with our executive team to build a campus community and promote inter-professional collaboration. Our campus is distinctive in that we have several health science programs which gives us a unique opportunity to work together early in our careers. I hope we can host events that educate our students and also help you to relax and have fun!

My Bio: Hello WSU Spokane! My name is Jared Kavanaugh, and I am excited to serve as your ASWSU-Spokane President for the 2014-2015 year. I am originally from Bremerton, WA, and graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2013. Shortly after graduating, I moved to Spokane to start pharmacy school at WSU and am a second year pharmacy student. When I am not busy in the classroom I like to play guitar (sometimes attempting to sing), enjoy the outdoors or attempt to play basketball at the gym.

Contact Me: spok.aswsu.prez@wsu.edu

Pierce Robledo ASWSU Vice-President

Pierce Robledo

Vice President

Program of Study: Pharmacy

My Goals: I am ecstatic to shape our campus here in Spokane and excited to be part of Cougar family. I hope that our students enjoy all of our events for this school year and of course, GO COUGS!

My Bio: My name is Pierce Robledo and I am serving as your 2014-2015 ASWSUS Vice-President. I am in my second year in the Pharmacy Program at WSU and my time here in Washington has been nothing short of amazing. I am a resident of the state of Nevada and I attended the University of Nevada, Reno for my undergraduate career. I enjoy many sports, but I mainly play basketball and volleyball in my spare time, but I am also trying to learn tennis along the way. I have lived in various places throughout my lifetime such as: California, the Philippines, Las Vegas and Reno, but Washington by far has the nicest weather.

Contact Me: spok.aswsu.vp@wsu.edu

Rachel Sullivan, ASWSU Chief of Staff

Rachel Sullivan

Chief of Staff

Program of Study: Pharmacy

My Goals: My goal for this year is to make sure ASWSU-Spokane uses student funds to support student outreach, entertainment, and learning experiences for all students to the best of our ability. We have many great events planned for this year and are excited to support the students in any way possible. Go Cougs!

My Bio: My name is Rachel Sullivan and I am a second year pharmacy student. I graduated from WSU Pullman in 2013 with a BS and a BA in Anthropology. When not studying or participating in campus events, I enjoy playing horse polo, rock climbing, hiking, playing piano, and arts and crafts. I grew up in Spokane, WA, and I love this campus and this city and I'm excited to reach out to the community and help you all feel at home!

Contact Me: spok.aswsu@wsu.edu

Kayla Kranz, ASWSU Director of Events and Planning

Kayla Kranz

Director of Events
and Planning

Program of Study: Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

My goals:  As the Director of Events and Planning I hope to enhance the community feel of the WSU Spokane campus. I am tremendously proud to wear the colors crimson and gray and to call myself a Washington State Cougar! I hope to engrave that same Cougar Pride into every student and event on the Riverpoint campus.

My Bio: My name is Kayla Kranz and I will be serving you, the students, as the ASWSUS Director of Events and Planning for the 2014-2015 academic school year.

Most of you reading this will have no idea where in Washington this place is, but I am from the very small town of Black Diamond, Washington, located on the west side of the state. Before coming to Washington State University in Spokane, I completed my first two years of undergrad at Washington State University in Pullman. Now, I am one school year away from graduating with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology! Some of my true loves in life include: mac and cheese, dogs of any shape or size, laughing, ice skating, chatting for hours, trying new foods, making new friends, and being a Washington State Cougar!

I am thrilled for this school year and all the exciting events to come! Always feel free to stop by the ASWSU Office to ask questions or if you just want to chat!

Contact Me: spok.aswsu.events@wsu.edu


Maximillian VonderMehden, Director of Tech and Communications

Maximillian VonderMehden

Director of Technology
and Communications

Program of Study: Nursing

My Goals: I hope to make WSU Spokane an all-inclusive campus where students feel included and embodied in the Cougar family. I want to make the campus an exciting and fun place for students of all disciplines and backgrounds.

My Bio: My name is Maximilian and I am a senior in the Washington State University College of Nursing. I am looking forward to graduating this year and becoming a registered BSN nurse and eventually a Certified Respitory Nurse Anesthetist in a few years. I have always had a spirit for leadership and serving the community and am excited to do so for WSU.  When I'm not working on posters, announcements, or the "next big thing" that's about to happen at WSU, I'm out doing musical theatre, lobbying for nurse legislature, dressing up at Comicon, or going out for a night on the town with friends.  To all fellow people, Go Cougs!

Contact Me: spok.aswsu.media@wsu.edu

Emily Cox, ASWSU Outreach and Engagement

Emily Cox

Director of Outreach
and Community Engagement

Program of Study: Pharmacetical Sciences

My Goals: I am excited to be the Director of Outreach and Community Engagement for 2014-15. In the past I represented Grenada to UNAIDS at the National Model United Nations, and I am passionate about legislative issues that affect science and health education. In this ASWSUS position, I want to help WSU Spokane students get involved in the health and wellness of the Spokane community, and engage students in lobbying efforts that affect their education.

My Bio: I am a PhD candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and my research focuses on the effects of exercise on the diabetic heart. I am a Washington native and I love Spokane for its beautiful seasons and outdoor sports! I am currently a Graduate Fellow of the National Science Foundation, and after school I hope to do a post-doctorate in the biotech industry and make a career in drug research and development.

Contact Me: spok.aswsu.out@wsu.edu

ASWSU Exectuive Board 2014-2015


The Legislative branch consists of the Student Senate. These senators are elected each spring by the student body and any remaining seats are filled during a special election during Fall semester. Senate seats are allocated on a proportional basis; meaning the more students enrolled in a program, the more senators there are from that program. The Senate is overseen by the Vice President.

Senators for the 2014-2015 academic year are:


  • Kalvin Stoker
  • Jacqueline Garza
  • Gina Avdeyenko


  • Nicole Lecoq
  • Felicia Boyer
  • Vacant


  • Vacant


  • Allison Wheeler


  • Nick Malos


  • Vacant

Criminal Justice

  • Vacant

At Large Members

  • Ciara Minor
  • Amanda Helman
  • Israel Vidales


Serving on a committee is a great way for students to be involved and have their voices heard on campus. Committee members will be appointed by the ASWSUS President for the 2014-2015 academic year during fall semester. To serve on a committee, please submit the CougSync application here by October 1, 2014. The following committees are open:

Applications will be available as of September 1, 2014 (Submission deadline: OCTOBER 1, 2014)

Travel Grant Committee

4 student members who will work with fellow members on this committee to determine eligible students and award amounts. Expected time commitment is 4-8 hours for the academic year.

Elections Committee

Members on this committee will interpret the guidelines for elections outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws to conduct the 2014-2015 elections. All violations will go through the Elections Committee to determine whether or not rules were abided by. Expected time commitment is 6-10 hours for the academic year.

S&A Fee Committee

The S&A Fee Committee requires six students to serve on this committee with three undergraduate and three graduate representatives. Members are responsible to interpret the S&A Fee spending guidelines and allocate S&A Fees and Reserves accordingly to groups and organizations requesting support. Expected time commitment is 10-14 hours for the academic year.

Senate Budget Committee

Members on this committee will help monitor the ASWSUS budget for events and programming put on by the Executive Branch. This committee will also help allocate funding requests from Registered Student Organizations. RSOs will present their requests for approval to this committee. Expected time commitment is 1-2 hour meetings every other week.

Senate Programming Committee

Members on this committee will help plan and execute events and programming provided by ASWSUS. Expected time commitment is 1-2 hour meetings every other week and attendance at various events.

Senate Rules and Administration Committee

Members on this committee will monitor the rules and By-Laws of ASWSUS. This committee is also responsible for setting the agenda for the Senate by taking in requests from both the Budget and Programming Committee. Expected time commitment is 1-2 hour meetings every other week.

Safety Committee

1 student will work with WSU Spokane staff to address safety concerns on WSU's campus and how to improve and implements safety measures.

Blood Drive Committee

2 students will work in conjunction with an INBC representative and staff member Becki Meehan to plan more blood drives and increase student involvement and donation.

Campus Sustainability Committee

1 student will work to ensure that sustainable practices such a recycling, alternative transportation etc are being utilized on our campus

Chancellor's Student Advisory Council

Members of the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council will meet with the WSU Spokane Chancellor periodically throughout the year to give a report on campus, addressing topics from student concerns to noteworthy achievements. Members may be asked to gather feedback from students or investigate student opinion on issues relevant to the Chancellor and campus as a whole. Each academic program on campus will be represented on this committee.

Commute Trip Reduction

2 student members will work with staff to offer alternative and public forms of transportation more available to WSU Spokane students.

Diversity Committee

1 student will work with the committee to implement diversity awareness and appreciation as well as ensuring programs and resources are available to a diversity of students.

Parking Committee

1 student will work with parking services to discuss grievances and issues relating to parking availability on our campus.

Technology Advisory Committee

 1 student member will work with the IT staff to address student technology needs on the WSU Spokane campus.

Wellness Committee

2 students will work to asses the unique health related needs of our students and how to encourage a sense of emotional, physical and mental well-being at WSU Spokane.


2013-2014 Executive Board

ASWSUS executive staff 2013-2014

L to R: Scott Hippe: President, Mark Goff: Media, Alla Aldugli: Chief of Staff, Shurrie Dugas: Vice President, Megan Lynch: Events and Planning, Lexi Carter: Outreach

2012-2013 Executive Board

Executive board 2012-2013

L to R: Dan Tran: Media, Yara Nouisser: Outreach, Lindsey Schaffer: President, AnnAlise Nelson:Events and Planning, Jay Liu:Chief of Staff, Lisa Garza:Vice President. Not pictured: Dana Dweik: Legislative Affairs


2010-2011 Executive Board

Executive board 2010-2011

(left to right) Todd Keatts: President, Camila Obniski: Director of Media and Technology, Holly Burke: Director of Legislative Affairs, Dylan Jones: Director of Events and Programming, Geetha Gujjarlapudi: Chief of Staff, Brad Demmert: Vice President


2010-2011 Senate

2010-2011 Senate

(left to right) Katie Talbot (Pro-Tempore), Parin Bhakta, Brad Demmert, Jonathan Dillow, Jeff Gertsch, Christine Caldejon, Smith Thomas, Sandra Hong, Shawna Hruby, Sanaz Farzan


2009-2010 Executive Board

2009-2010 Executive Board

(back row from left) Geetha Gujjarlapudi: Chief of Staff, Kayla Simons: Vice President, Jessica Moore: President, Dylan Jones: Director of Media and Outreach, and Andrew Helm: Director of Legislative Affairs.

(front row from left) Camila Obniski: Director of Technology and Christine Shook: Director of Events and Programming


2008-2009 Executive Board

2008-2009 Executive Board

President: Josh Donaldson

Vice President: Manpreet Chahal

Events Coordinator: Jillian Sampson

Scott McLeod

Derrick Eberle

Dalari Fales


2007-2008 Executive Board

2007-2008 Executive Board

President: Laird Rasmussen

Vice President: Jason Doss

Media Coordinator: Dave Villeneuve

Treasurer: Alesya Oleynik

Events Coordinator: Josh Donaldson


2006-2007 Executive Board (not pictured)

President: Carson Schultz

Vice President: Hope Gordon

Media Coordinator: Michael Murry

Teana Cramer

Andrea Brizee


Location: Academic Center (SAC) 111

Phone: 509-358-7921

Fax: 509-358-7538 (please include a cover sheet)

Email: spok.aswsu@wsu.edu

Office Hours:

Monday   10:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday   10:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday   9:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday   9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday   8:00am- 4:00pm

 The ASWSUS Office is open to serve you, please stop in if you need assistance.



Katie Gilsdorf, Student Involvement Coordinator

Location: SAC 130D

Phone: (509) 358-7570

 Email: katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu