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See a group that interests you? Contact the President and/or Advisor for more information!

Not seeing a group that interests you? You're invited to start an RSO! For more information, please contact the ASWSUS Director of Outreach and Graduate Affairs at spok.aswsu.out@wsu.edu.

See a group that interests you? Contact the President and/or Advisor for more information!

Not seeing a group that interests you? You're invited to start an RSO! For more information, please contact the ASWSUS Director of Outreach and Graduate Affairs at spok.aswsu.out@wsu.edu.


Associated Medical Group

President: Molly Knox

E-mail: mgknox@u.washington.edu

Advisor: George Novan

E-mail: gnovan@wsu.edu


Association of Healthcare Students

President: Nicholas Malos

E-mail: nicholas.malos@wsu.edu

Advisor: Joseph Coyne

E-mail: jsc@wsu.edu


Association of Intercollegiate Nursing Students (AINS) Yakima

President: Sara Wilson

E-mail: sara.wilson@email.wsu.edu

Advisor: Laura Hahn

E-mail: hahn@wsu.edu


Diversity Club

President: Samuel Alemu

E-mail: samuel.alemu@email.wsu.edu

Advisor:  Megan Barker

E-mail: m.barker@wsu.edu


Graduate Research Student Association

President: Kari Gaither

E-mail: kari.gaither@wsu.edu

Advisor: Dennis Dyck

E-mail: dyck@wsu.edu


Health Equity Circle

President: Sophie Clark

E-mail: sophiecl@uw.edu

Advisor: Barbara Richardson

E-mail: barichardson@wsu.edu


Kappa Psi Beta Pi

President: Amanda Helmann

E-mail: helmann@wsu.edu

Advisor: Tracy Skaer

E-mail: tskaer@wsu.edu


National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

President: Hanna Matalone

E-mail: hannah.matalone@wsu.edu

Advisor: Georgina Lynch

E-mail: georgina.lynch@email.wsu.edu


Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Club (NEP Club)

President: Rebecca Lonam

E-mail: rebecca.lonam@wsu.edu

Advisor:  Susan Kynast-Gales

E-mail: kynasts@wsu.edu


Phi Delta Chi

President: Samantha Coe

E-mail: samcoe@wsu.edu

Advisor: John White

E-mail: whitej@wsu.edu


Phi Lambda Sigma, Gamma Upsilon

President:  Uche Azikiwe

E-mail: uche.azikiwe@wsu.edu

Advisor: John White

E-mail: whitej@wsu.edu


Professional Pharmacy Student Organization (PPSO)

President: Eddie Warner

E-mail: edward.warner@wsu.edu

Advisor:  Mark Garrison

E-mail: garrism@wsu.edu


Inter-professional Education & Research Student Group

President: Vincent Fuoco

E-mail: vincent.fuoco@wsu.edu

Advisor:  Barb Richardson

E-mail: barichardson@wsu.edu


Simulation Club (SIM Club)

President: Caitryn Lim

E-mail: caitryn.lim@wsu.edu

Advisor:  Kevin Stevens

E-mail: kvstevens@wsu.edu


Student National Pharmacy Association (SNPhA)

President: Anna Phung

E-mail: phungno1@wsu.edu

Advisor: Colleen Terriff

E-mail: terriff@wsu.edu 


Student Nurse Leaders (SNL)

President:  Ruth Deniston

E-mail: ruth.deniston@wsu.edu

Advisor: Renae Richter

E-mail: renae.richter@wsu.edu


Students United for LGBTQA Empowerment (SULE)

President: Sophie Clark

E-mail: sophiecl@uw.edu

Advisor: Yvonne Montoya Zamora

E-mail: montoyazamora@wsu.edu



Welcome to the ASWSU Spokane funding request process. This information is intended to serve as a guide to help streamline the process for RSO funding requests and inform you of the rules and procedures that the senate has implemented for this coming year.

NEW THIS YEAR - Registered Student Organizations (RSO) who request less than $10,000 must do so through the ASWSUS Senate.  This is the process other campuses use and with the creation of the student senate, the Budget and Program committees will consider requests from RSO's.  Under this process, RSOs can request throughout the academic year beginning in the Fall.  If you need assistance please contact Katie Gilsdorf, the Student Involvement Coordinator at katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu or 509-358-7570 for more information.


Funding Flow Chart (pdf) »

 For each event or line item that an RSO would like to request funding for, they must complete and submit a Funding Request form (pdf) . The Funding Request form will be submitted to the Senate for the First Reading. At the First Reading, the RSO will present a brief description of their request and allow the Senate to ask any clarifying questions they may have . There will be no vote or debate regarding requirements at this reading.

If the request is $300 or less, then the Funding Request will be submitted to the Budget subcommittee. The Budget committee will then determine if the request meets the expected requirements and subsequently vote whether or not to pass the request.

If the request is more than $300, then the request will be submitted to both the Budget and Programming committees. After each committee reviews the request, they will submit a recommendation to the Senate based on whether or not the request meets the funding requirements.

The Senate will then review the recommendations submitted by each committee at the Second Hearing. It is recommended that a representative from the requesting RSO be present to answer any additional questions that the Senate may have. There will then be a vote to determine whether or not to pass the Funding Request. If the request is passed, it will then be submitted to the ASWSUS President to sign.


Any RSO seeking funds must complete and submit the Funding Request form for each event or line item. It is recommended that a representative attend the Second Hearing of the Senate.  This will typically occur two weeks after the first reading. The representative is expected to be prepared and professional in presenting the description/details of the request and answering all questions.


All Funding Requests are expected to follow the S&A Fee Spending Guidelines. If you would like a copy of the S&A Fee Spending Guidelines, please see Katie Gilsdorf in SAC 130D. Examples of items which cannot be funded:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Donations
  • Radioactive materials
  • Controlled substances


The student senate will allocate student fee funds, and all groups requesting funds need to articulate student involvement in the organization and demonstrate student involvement in decision-making for the organization.  Funded activities and services must be open to all students. ASWSUS seeks to promote activities that support our Mission Statement:

As a part of a united WSU Spokane student community, ASWSUS commits to providing a platform for success through advocacy, opportunity, accessibility, collaboration, innovation, and purpose.

We  highly recommend you demonstrate to the Senate how your request helps promote the Mission Statement.


All Senate meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend. Please keep in mind the only voting members are the elected Senators. The Senate will meet on the following dates: Senate Meeting times will be posted soon!

Fall Semester              Spring Semester


Student life at WSU Spokane is growing every day! You can help by starting a Registered Student Organization (RSO). RSOs can range from academic and civic engagement groups, to sports clubs and even religious organizations. The easiest way to get your RSO started is to go this link and begin the registration process!

orgsync.com/browse_orgs/581 »

Please be prepared with the following things: a faculty/staff member who is willing to serve as your organizations advisor, a set of bylaws and list of potential members.


If you have questions or need assistance with starting an RSO you can contact Katie Gilsdorf, the Student Involvement Coordinator.

katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu or 509-358-7570


If you need resources that are not available on this site, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. We will work diligently to ensure that your RSO can fufill its mission and grow at WSU Spokane. Please do not hesistate to make suggestions so we can continue to improve this portal for the benefit of all RSO members! Thanks!

Event Planning

Funding Requests


Questions? Contact Katie Gilsdorf, katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu, 509-358-7570



To become an approved student organization, you must receive University recognition through an application process. Contact Katie Gilsdorf, the Student Involvement Coordinator (katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu, or 509-358-7570) in SAC 130D.

What is involved in becoming an RSO?

Clubs granted recognition must have a name, a constitution, at least three active officers, and a WSU Spokane faculty or staff member as an advisor.

Is there anything that would keep an RSO from being recognized?

Washington State University will not recognize any student organization which denies membership to any student because of race, religion, sex, color, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, or disability. RSOs must ensure that additional policies and procedures do not create de facto differentiation.

What about club membership?

Full membership in student organizations will be restricted to enrolled graduate and undergraduate students at WSU. Faculty and others may participate as honorary or associate members (at the option of the group) as specified in the group’s application. Only full members may be eligible to vote on matters of business or hold elected office in the organization.

What responsibilities does the RSO incur when it is recognized?

Officers of the organization are responsible for seeing that the organization abides by University rules and regulations concerning scheduling, financial projects, and other policies of the WSU Spokane campus. Second, all RSOs must have an advisor.

What are the privileges that come with RSO recognition?

RSOs have the right to sponsor on-campus activities. They may also use University facilities and services by scheduling through the Student Affairs office (rpscheduler@wsu.edu, or 358-7536) or complete the online reservation form at http://www.spokane.wsu.edu/scheduling. A student organization resource room is also available in the Academic Center for RSO use.  Additionally, RSOs are eligible to receive funding from S&A Fees through the student senate.

Are RSOs part of student government (ASWSUS)?

No. The University views RSOs as autonomous and separate from ASWSU-S.  ASWSU-S does receive funds specifically to assist RSOs plan, promote and implement campus events that are open to all students.

Do RSOs have access to any funds?

RSOs are encouraged to raise their own funds through membership dues and fundraisers. RSOs who wish to sponsor events open to the entire campus may request funding from ASWSUS using the attached Funding Request Form (pdf). Funding will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The request for funding needs to come in a timely manner prior to the event. Note that the ASWSUS Senate meets bi-weekly. Contact their office at spok.aswsu.vp@wsu.edu or 358-7921.

What are the responsibilities of the RSO advisor?

Advisors are members of the WSU Spokane faculty or staff whose interest in the group indicates that they would judiciously advise the organization concerning its goals, purposes, and procedures. Advisors guide the group in accordance with the purposes and ideals of the University and the organization. They do not directly control the group’s programs and activities. Responsibilities may include attending RSO’s meetings, assisting in program planning, supervising the handling of funds, approving expenditures and contracts, and assisting in arranging University facilities and equipment.

Further questions?

Contact Katie Gilsdorf in the Student Affairs office SAC 130D.
katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu (509) 358-7570


The term Services & Activities Fees, or S&A Fees, is defined to mean fees, other than tuition fees, charged to all students registering at a WSU campus. S&A fees are used to fund student activities and programs, student buildings and similar uses. S&A fees are charged to all students registering at a campus or the Global Campus (formerly the Center for Distance and Professional Education).

Services and Activities Fees Committee

The Services & Activities Fees Committee shall have initial responsibility for proposing program priorities and budget levels for that portion of program budgets that are derived from S&A Fees. This committee shall also propose allocations of facilities funds.

Composition and Tenure

  • The Chancellor shall appoint the Spokane Campus S&A Fees Committee as follows:
    • Three undergraduate students with one-year terms (recommended by ASWSUS). Students shall be representative of the variety of academic programs on campus.
    • Three graduate students with one-year terms (recommended by ASWSUS).
    • Two faculty members, with two-year terms (solicited from faculty ranks).
    • Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations, or designee; and Director of Student Affairs, or designee.
  • The Chair is elected by the committee from the student members.
  • Each member shall have one vote.
  • A quorum shall consist of eight members, a majority of whom shall be students.


Tuseday, February 17               S&A Fee Applications available
Friday, March 13                      S&A Fee Applications due at 5:00 P.M.
March 23 - April 3                   S&A Fee Hearings and Deliberations
April 10                                   Applicants notified of budget recommendations
May 8                                      Board of Regents approvals


Application Cover Page 2015 (pdf)

SA Fee Budget Request template 2014-2015 (xls)


Katie Gilsdaorf

SAC 130D

Phone: 509-358-7570

Email: katie.gilsdorf@wsu.edu