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Amaya Pelagio

Amaya Pelagio Amaya Pelagio, a member of the Alaska Native Inupiaq tribe, is currently attending WSU’s Pullman campus and is in her senior year. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, Amaya spent many of her summers in Alaska learning more about her native culture. Amaya is majoring in psychology and is also pre-med with hopes to attend the WSU Spokane campus. In addition to attending school, Amaya is a part of the ACID lab within the psychology department, a teaching assistant for Chemistry 105, as well as a tutor for many different pre-med and psychology classes offered at WSU.

Finally, Amaya is a member of the Native American pre-health program that has recently been launched at WSU Pullman campus. Through this program, Amaya has had the opportunity to attend ASIS in Milwaukee, as well as connect with several physician and medical school admissions and students. As a tutor and coordinator for Native Services, Amaya hopes to spread the knowledge she has learned to new students attempting to pursue a career in the health sciences.