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Carrie Gigray, MSHS, FP-C, GC-HSQ

Headshot of Carrie Gigray.


  • Master’s degree in Science  with emphasis on Healthcare Simulation
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science with emphasis on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) education
  • Associate’s degree in Science with emphasis on Paramedicine

About Carrie:

I was born in Idaho and raised in rural towns throughout Idaho and Washington where some would agree it could of been much better. I am the granddaughter of Margaret and the daughter of Jeanne’ and Maria, who are amazing women who helped me be the resilient, curious, passionate, and caring person I am today. Regardless of our situation, I was taught to treat others humanistic specifically through the lens of the person who comes behind you, including mother earth. I have shared this legacy with my daughter and my grand-daughter, hoping it will create a future equity for all humans. This foundation has helped me recognize my unique opportunity and human responsibility to use my privileged voice to be an ally and agent of change.

I am honored to be the first Indigenous Clinical Simulation Educator. My path to academia was not traditional although I completed my Associate’s Degree in 2006 from College of Southern Idaho. I continued to further my EMS career by becoming a preceptor, instructor and simulationist while progressing to a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Idaho State University in 2019. I was blessed to work in beautiful country of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah which also highlighted marginalized healthcare that rarely includes equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice, let alone humanistic patient-centered care. I am passionate about teaching specific Interprofessional simulation-based education to improve Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), Queer and other marginalized communities. I joined academia as an employee summer of 2019 for the College of Medicine as a Simulation Education Specialist.  The completion of my Master degree in 2019 has placed me into an elite group of simulations which I am fortunate to be part of.  I hope to help create national Interprofessional simulation educational requirements for both pre-licensure and professionals to help reduce patient death and harm.  In addition, I love creating innovative additions to simulations, especially moulage and prosthetics. My personal time is spend doing anything outdoors with my family and going to concerts.