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Chancellor’s Message

Chancellor Daryll B. DeWald

picture of Dr. Daryll DeWald Life-changing education and research. World-class facilities and advanced technology. These are the words we use to describe WSU Health Sciences Spokane.

How did we get to this point where we can rightfully claim “life-changing” and “world-class”?

I believe it’s because of partnerships. Partnerships brought WSU Health Sciences Spokane into existence and continue to help us grow to serve the needs of our state. In fact, I am convinced that it’s the partnerships that will influence how future generations see us.

One need only look at the opening of the university’s 10th college–the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine– to understand the importance of wide-ranging partnerships in its establishment and early success.

Partners accomplish inspiring feats together. Our over-arching accomplishment is this: WSU Health Sciences is a vibrant community of innovative educators and cutting-edge researchers empowered by a host of committed colleagues who share the vision of improving society.

WSU Spokane is driving health innovation through research. Our research is exploding as indicated by the results for the last quarter of fiscal year 2018 when we had the most new and transfer awards in 28 months. Our world-class facilities and advanced technology bring researchers from around the world to our campus to join us in solving society’s challenges–from reducing health disparities among groups to exploring alternate strategies to opioids for managing chronic pain.

As I meet with potential business and health partners around the state I observe their awe at how our campus has grown and changed over the last 30 years. It has been transformed from a railyard to the beautiful university environment it is today, and it has transitioned from offering an array of programs to one that is focused almost entirely on important professions in the health sciences.

The iconic U-District Bridge is the most recent example of the changes that have happened because of effective collaboration. We are delighted to host one side of the bridge on our campus and to have partnered with the City of Spokane and the businesses, colleges and universities in the University District to better connect our city.

Perhaps the reason you are reading this is that you too want to make connections, or maybe you are exploring the possibility of joining our WSU team. Perhaps you want to improve human health, or serve the underserved, or advocate for health sciences research. Or maybe you want to create a lasting legacy by supporting our shared vision through a tangible commitment.

Whatever the reason you are reading this, if you want to be part of a vibrant campus that looks to change to improve, I invite you to join us, to partner with us today.

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