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Health Science STEM Education Research Center

The WSU Health Science STEM Education Research Center is focused increasing all students’ awareness of, access to, and success in the health sciences professions.

Four pillars define the Center’s structure:

  • Outreach to K-12 students to inform them about and prepare them for health sciences degrees and careers;
  • Professional development for educators at all levels to ensure effective instruction for these students;
  • Research on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning and teaching to establish best practices in the classroom;
  • Policy development in STEM education for Washington State and the nation.


The mission of the WSU Health Science STEM Education Research Center (HS-STEM-ER Center) is to coordinate and enhance excellence in health science STEM teaching and learning at WSU, the state, and beyond by supporting health science STEM education research and related outreach programs and professional activity.


  • Increase the quality of health science STEM education within the WSU state-wide system including research, outreach, and public policy.
  • Encourage the formation of interdisciplinary and interprofessional health science STEM education research teams to evaluate innovative health science STEM education teaching and learning practices.
  • Establish pathways throughout the K-20 system for increasing student retention in health science STEM-related areas of study, with a particular focus on traditionally underrepresented students.
  • Promote reciprocal collaborations among state-wide WSU health science STEM education research professionals, K-12 schools, community colleges, businesses, and community organizations.
  • Provide a strong and concerted voice in public policy related to STEM education.