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Current Projects

Interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and interprofessional health science teams are working to develop, deliver and evaluate innovative health science STEM education programs, courses, and other instructional activities across all levels.

Riverpoint Advanced Mathematics Partnership (RAMP)

The Riverpoint Advanced Mathematics Partnership (RAMP), a WSU/EWU collaboration, has conducted professional development for mathematics teachers from 2007-2015, funded primarily by 3 sequential grants from the U.S. Department of Education via the Washington State Student Achievement Council (formerly the Higher Education Coordinating Board) and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The focus of the first two grants was work with high school and college mathematics educators, focused on improving students’ transition from high school to college. The third grant, RAMP-Algebra, brought together middle and high school teachers to improve student achievement in Algebra through focus on the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

STEM Pipeline to the Future:
Department of Education Indian Education program grant.

This project is geared toward motivating and preparing American Indian (AI) students at Lake Roosevelt High School, a rural high school in Washington State, for successful transitions to postsecondary educational and career pathways, particularly those leading to high demand, high wage STEM fields.

The goals include Motivation  (increasing the numbers of AI student who are motivated to stay in school and enroll in rigorous and relevant courses by providing them with engaging and relevant STEM curricular Inand enrichment experiences and career information); and Preparation  (increasing the numbers of AI high school students who successfully complete challenging core courses and college credit bearing courses; and increasing numbers of AI students who graduate from high school in four years. $1.15M. 07/02/2012-07/01/2017.