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Dr. Chakraverty’s research focuses on three broad areas:
  1. Research on the Impostor Phenomenon: Examining why successful, qualified and talented individuals in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine feel like impostors.
  2. Medical Education Research: Examining the experiences of MD and MD-PhD students (especially those from the underrepresented minority groups).
  3. STEM Education Research: Examining the experiences of PhD students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty in STEM fields (with an emphasis on the underrepresented minority groups).

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Imposter Phenomenon Study

Robert Danielson’s research focuses on three broad topics:
  1. Conceptual Change – how learners can overcome misconceptions about science- and health-related topics
  2. Epistemic Cognition – how learners think about the nature of knowledge and use evidence found online and in text books to support their claims for knowledge
  3. Text-Graphic Processing – how graphics may facilitate better understanding of complex science topics when combined with texts (online or in print)