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Spokane Academic Library

The WSU Spokane Academic Library is an important partner and resource for students, faculty, staff and the community. Remember to include the librarians and library paraprofessionals as team members for collaborative development of interprofessional learning activities and for interprofessional educational scholarship.

Spokane Academic Library serves the university community by providing services and resources for the advancement of scholarship, research, and discovery, in order to empower and inspire our users.

Spokane Academic Library values service, diversity, collaboration, teaching, learning, innovation, open and equal access to information, and the promotion of information literacy, curiosity, critical thinking, and openness to new ideas and knowledge.


Gwen Halaas, MD, MBA
Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
About Gwen

Library Staff

Jonathan PotterAssistant Director for Library Services and Special Collections
Kelly EvansEWU Health Sciences and Business Librarian
Michelanne AdamsCirculation, Acquisitions and Reserves
Dorian KarahaliosCirculation and Reference
Kate LeboHEALWA Outreach Coordinator
Zac ThorpCirculation, Resource Sharing
Sage WorkmanCirculation, Reference and Reserves
Tom McMeekinSupport and Reserves (Yakima)