Teaming Up With Our Neighbors to Help The Less Fortunate

Gonzaga University

Our academic programs tout teamwork and an inter-professional approach to health care.

So it’s no wonder we’d want to walk the talk. We have a terrific track record of working with community organizations, and we continue to do so with Gonzaga University, The Center for Justice, Empire Health Foundation and Providence Health Care.

This team – which we are proud to be part of – is working to bring health and legal services to low-income families.

Studies show those in lower income environments are more prone to poor health because they don’t have access to the care they need. They also may lack access to the legal services that may be needed.

Law students and medical residents will use teamwork to pinpoint those that need health and legal services and address them.

Teamwork produces great results. There’s no need for us or Gonzaga to build a wall on our sides of the Spokane River. It’s better for the community for us to build bridges and become a team. This is exactly what we’re doing with this new medical-legal partnership