WSU Health Sciences Update

Comcast Cable Channel 17 is now featuring video programs produced at WSU Spokane as part of its daily offerings.

Don’t have Comcast? Many of the programs are on the WSU Spokane YouTube channel.

The programs rotating on the air include episodes of the Health Sciences Update, and the Chancellor’s Research Breakfast presentations, all produced at WSU Spokane. In addition, episodes of the KSPS’ Health Matters show featuring our faculty are also aired.

Here’s the latest Health Sciences Update, featuring Senator Michael Baumgartner and Representative Marcus Riccelli talking about their support for a WSU medical school:

The Health Sciences Update programs feature additional interviews with U.S. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Spokane Mayor David Condon, businessman Dave Clack, President Elson S. Floyd, Washington Global Health Alliance Executive Director Lisa Cohen, former Greater Spokane Incorporated CEO Rich Hadley, and faculty Patricia Butterfield and Ken Roberts. Coming soon are faculty members Bryan Vila, Steve James and Georgina Lynch.

Research Breakfast presentations feature these faculty: Chris Blodgett, Patricia Butterfield, Phil Butterfield, Kenn Daratha, Dennis Dyck, Mike Gibson, Levente Kapas, Matt Layton, Sue Marsh, Gary Pollack, Nancy Potter, Ken Roberts, Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Bryan Vila and Hans Van Dongen.

The KSPS Health Matters programs feature faculty members Jonathan Wisor of Medical Sciences on “Brain Development”; Catherine Van Son of Nursing talking about “Living Longer”; Shannon Panther from Pharmacy on “Addiction”; and Brian Gates from Pharmacy on “Elder Care.”