Grant Trobridge WSU Spokane

Grant Trobridge, WSU Spokane

Grant Trobridge, a microbiologist in the WSU College of Pharmacy on the WSU Spokane campus, has identified biomarker genes that can predict prostate cancer survival and breast cancer recurrence.

Trobridge has formed a partnership with Datar Genetics in India to offer gene tests. Datar will conduct validation studies to look at the efficacy of the gene tests and work with patients and clinics to develop individual treatment plans.

“Genes express differently in each individual, and so each person has a different genetic profile or signature,” Trobridge said in a WSU news release. “The clinical data will be analyzed for patterns to see what treatment best fits each of the profiles.”

This news hits on two subjects:

  • Research as a problem solver
  • Commercialization of research

Research as a problem solver
Prostate cancer and breast cancer affect many. Thanks to Trobridge and his team, we may someday be able to get a test to find out our chances of prostate cancer survival or breast cancer recurrence, and even better, receive the kind of treatment best suited for our individual biological makeup. These are serious problems in our world and this is a serious breakthrough.

Commercialization of research
When research is commercialized, its economic impact reaches further. The economic impact of research can transform a community. It takes partnerships for research to be commercialized, and that’s what has happened here. Trobridge worked with the WSU Office of Commercialization to find a partnership and hammer out a deal. Datar was one of a number of companies from Europe, Asia, Canada and the U.S. that were seen as potential partners.

Good things continue to come out of WSU Spokane. This isn’t the first time a WSU Spokane researcher has made a prostate cancer research breakthrough, and let’s hope it’s not the last.

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