Lisa Brown State of Reform Presentation

The annual State of Reform conference was in Spokane earlier this month and WSU Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown was the morning keynote speaker.

The conference is a chance for health care professionals to come together and talk about the industry in our state. A big topic in the health care industry in the Spokane area is obviously our work in establishing the state’s next public medical school. That subject was covered in Chancellor Brown’s keynote address, but it was just one part of the larger theme of health.

Chancellor Brown talked about the ten trends leading to health and how our health sciences campus fits in with the trends. It’s not just a medical school that will make our community healthier, but also the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy and many other initiatives.

Watch the keynote address below (note: it is nearly an hour long and you can view the slides used here):

The Chancellor also sat down for a brief interview to talk specifically about how our health sciences programs and the new medical school will create a pathway to a new health care workforce: