Spotlight Student: Shelby Swanson

Shelby Swanson

Editor’s Note: Spotlight Students are nominated by staff and faculty at WSU Spokane and are recognized during commencement for their dedication, commitment, sacrifice and/or ability to overcome great odds to succeed as a student. They are selected by a committee ahead of commencement. WSU Spokane will feature a Spotlight Student each day through May 13.

One way to find success in college is to simply be involved. That’s what Shelby Swanson did during her undergraduate years.

Swanson – who will graduate from WSU Spokane’s Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP) program today – was involved at both the student government and program levels.

She was the PR and Marketing Coordinator for the Student Entertainment Board (SEB) and President of the NEP Club.

“I really appreciate having Shelby on the SEB team because she doesn’t shy away from challenges, but instead she uses her creativity to find a new solution that benefits everyone involved,” Swanson’s nominator wrote. “I know Shelby will continue working hard on behalf of SEB and the NEP Club through the end of the school year, and she will be hard to replace going into next year.”

Swanson plans to return and enroll in WSU’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics. She indicated she has an interest in diabetes education and possibly working with children.

Swanson has extensive volunteer and community service experience. She was a volunteer at Camp STIX, a summer camp for diabetics, as well as the NEP health fair coordinator. She has volunteered with Blessings Under the Bridge, the Boys and Girls Club and the Washington State Trail Association.