Researcher explores why some people in STEM and medicine fields feel like impostors

High-achieving college students may first experience the “impostor phenomenon” when they get to graduate school. They not only find themselves surrounded by other high achievers, but in a program where the measurements of success are unfamiliar and somewhat undefined. At least that’s some of what faculty researcher Devasmita Chakraverty has found. “They don’t know exactly […]

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WSU Spokane employee leads WSU APAC

Leading an advocacy group trying to represent 2,026 employees is not exactly how Brigitta Jozefowski (pronounced joe-zah-fow-ski) imagined her job when she first started working at Washington State University Spokane back in 2004. After all, she was “just an hourly staff person” still working on an undergraduate degree she had started years earlier.

Listen to nutrition students at lunch on Wednesdays

Tired of the same old song and dance about diets this time of year? Change it up by spending a lunch hour on Wednesdays listening to presentations on the subject by the students studying Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. It just might be a good way to jump start a new diet or pick up some […]

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