WSU College of Nursing

WSU nursing grad: ‘You always remember your first code’

(This story appears in the latest edition of the WSU Spokane Magazine) By Alli Benjamin Ashley Ormsby, RN, BSN, ’13, (pictured above)  a Spokane native, was eager to begin her first job at Harborview Medical Center, a level one trauma facility serving Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Wyoming. “I was prepared to face some difficult traumas […]

Being thankful at WSU Spokane

Shameless cliché alert! It’s the time of year where everybody makes a list of what they’re thankful for, and we’re not afraid to do the same (we will also post a “Year in Review” blog next month. You’ve been warned). Time has an article on why being thankful is good for your health*. So being […]

WSU Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown gives morning keynote at State of Reform Conference

The annual State of Reform conference was in Spokane earlier this month and WSU Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown was the morning keynote speaker.

Five ways WSU Spokane impacts the local economy

Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) – the region’s chamber of commerce and economic development council – held its annual meeting this week with the theme focusing on how education grows economies. As one of several universities with a presence in Spokane, we were represented in the video above, which was seen by more than 1,000 in attendance […]

WSU medical school will help Eastern Washington’s economy

A WSU medical school in Spokane will allow for more of our state’s students to access medical education. It will also grow the amount of physicians practicing in our region. But you’ve read that already. Another benefit that comes from a second public medical school is its impact on the area economy.

WSU researchers discover new role for protein in cell division, and other research news

We’ve written about it once and we’ll write about it again: research is a problem solver. With that established, here’s some news from our campus: researchers in the WSU College of Pharmacy recently discovered a new role for protein in cell division.

Health Sciences Programs Reach Across Washington

In our pursuit of a medical school headquartered in Spokane, we’ve talked about how the community-based model will send third- and fourth-year WSU medical students to locations across the state. It is a model that will introduce medical students to communities that are in need of physicians. This won’t be entirely new territory for us, […]