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Environmental Health and Safety

Assisting the campus community in promoting a safe and healthy environment for all individuals associated with WSU Health Sciences Spokane.

Safety Data Sheets

WSU Spokane uses an outside company, MSDS online, for maintaining safety data sheets (SDSs).

MSDS online

All departments on the WSU Spokane Health Sciences campus should have their SDSs maintained online, and all employees who work with these hazardous chemicals should be instructed in how to access them.

There’s an App for this, too
In addition, there is an app which can be downloaded from this website or through the App Store or Google Play by searching for “SDS / Chemical Management.”  This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and later) and Android tablets and smartphones (4.4 and later).

To access WSU Spokane from the app, select “Don’t have a Username or Password?” and type in the web address for the WSU account (see above). Once logged into the site with your phone/tablet you will remain logged in until you log out.


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WSU Spokane Environmental Health
& Safety

Merle Heineke
Director of Research Facilities

Chad Trent
Industrial Hygienist

Ze Liu
Scientific Assistant

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Scientific Assistant

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Scientific Assistant
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