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Parking and Transportation Changes Beginning in Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Due to projected costs for needed capital projects, parking lot maintenance and equipment replacement, the WSU Board of Regents has approved parking rate increases on the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus beginning in the 2019 – 2020 academic year and continuing for two academic years thereafter.

Permit prices are effective Aug. 1 annually and expire Aug. 31 of the following year.

Permit TypeCurrent Annual RateRate 19-20Rate 20-21Rate 21-22
Annual Orange$471$542$613$684
Annual Green$343$395$447$499
Fall Semester Orange$218$251$284$317
Fall Semester Green$158$182$206$230
Fall Quarter Orange$152$175$198$221
Fall Quarter Green$111$128$145$162
Spring Semester Orange$218$251$284$317
Spring Semester Green$158$182$206$230
Winter Quarter Orange$152$175$198$221
Winter Quarter Green$111$128$145$162
Spring Quarter Orange$152$175$198$221
Spring Quarter Green$111$128$145$162
Summer Quarter Orange$152$175$198$221
Summer Quarter Green$111$128$145$162

Daily and hourly parking rates will increase only for Academic Year 2019-2020.

 Daily Rate 19-20Daily Rate IncreaseHourly Rate 19-20Hourly Rate Increase

Why a parking rate increase now?

As the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus continues to grow and expand, it applies pressure on our current parking inventory and other campus transportation needs. Parking and Transportation Services is a self-sustaining operation funded by parking rates. Parking rates pay for parking staff, maintenance, capital improvements, equipment, campus pedestrian safety and some campus Safety and Security personnel.

In addition to the capital projects noted on the right side of this page, nearly all our campus parking lots currently require surface repairs and resurfacing to extend their base-surface life for up to seven years. If parking lot surface preservation maintenance is not completed in the next two or three years, the cost to provide the same maintenance will be higher.

New Parking Features

  • Spokane Transit Authority (STA) will pay for and install two new bus stops along Spokane Falls Blvd. outside the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Building. These bus stops, and their related city street improvements, will create a safer crossing environment for pedestrians and cyclists. STA also plans to progressively improve bus service frequency at these new bus stops (up to every six-minutes), which will provide increased bus service in the heart of our campus.
  • The new STA funded bus stops will require WSU to reconfigure access to our Green 5 parking lot located on the south side of Spokane Falls Blvd. Capital projects in 2019, funded by the proposed rate increase, include adding an estimated 40 to 50+ new parking spaces in Green 5, WSU installing two new vehicle entrance and exit points in our Green 5 parking lot, and installing new pedestrian mall sidewalk improvements south of Spokane Falls Blvd. connecting the central area of campus to the new University District Gateway bridge.