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Parking and Transportation Services

Our goal is to provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the most accurate and helpful information about parking and transportation services at WSU Health Sciences Spokane.

Rental Cars

WSU Health Sciences Spokane’s Parking Operations rents vehicles for faculty, staff and department-backed students to use for business purposes only. We do not allow rental cars to be used for personal use or transporting family, friends or animals (service animals are OK).

If you’re leaving early in the morning, you can pick up the keys the night before but you must leave the vehicle on campus until you depart for your trip. You are not allowed to drive the vehicles home.

To check for and rent available cars, contact the parking office with the following information:

Dates vehicle is needed
Budget #
Project #
Program # (example: 15G-0201-0547)

Rental Vehicles and Prices

Ford Escape (seats 5)
$52.99 per day
Fuel Cost: 225 miles free per day, then .22 cents per mile

Chevy Malibu (seats 5)
$36.99 Per Day
Fuel Cost: .22 cents per mile

Toyota Prius (seats 4)
$36.99 Per Day
Fuel Cost: .22 cents per mile

Ford E350 Van (seats 8)*
$52.99 Per Day
Fuel Cost: .22 cents per mile
*This vehicle can also haul small and medium items in the back. Certification may be required to haul more than six people in this vehicle.