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About Us


WSU Spokane ITS uses its information technology resources to support the strategic mission of the campus by facilitating excellence in teaching and learning, ensuring excellence in service delivery, and supporting state-of-the-art research and discovery.

To meet these challenges, WSUS ITS must develop as a highly progressive and responsive organization. It must utilize the best resources available – whether internal or external – to achieve its goals in support of the campus mission and strategies.

While meeting the total needs of the campus, ITS must also be highly engaged in partnering with individual colleges and programs to support specialized technology services, such as e-learning and instructional design; faculty technology development, multimedia delivery and support; clinical simulation support; support for basic, clinical, and translational research endeavors; and general information technology support.

These opportunities and others will drive campus strategy and collaboration, both inter-professionally and across institutional boundaries. These partnership efforts will also provide opportunities to generate business value for reinvestment into academic and technical innovation.

Thus, WSUS ITS must remain an agile, customer-focused, and progressive service department that continuously and consistently builds and strengthens partnerships to best serve the campus community, both now and in the future.



Provide state of the art infrastructure to facilitate excellence in teaching, research, and operation.

  • Provide scalable, secure, and redundant network infrastructure.
  • Provide access to technology at anytime from anywhere.
  • Establish robust technology infrastructure and support for research initiatives.
  • Deliver consistent and accessible technologies to promote collaboration and communication within and outside the campus community.


Promote a world-class teaching and learning environment.

  • Provide technology tools that enable instructional innovations to promote student content mastery, collaboration, and critical thinking.
  • Support the creation of flexible classrooms and learning spaces.
  • Develop a campus e-learning strategy.
  • Empower faculty through support of various teaching and learning styles and strategies.
  • Facilitate and support student use of technology.


Create a first-rate customer-centric support culture.

  • Institute service policies that improve customer relationships and satisfaction.
  • Establish a culture of operational excellence.
  • Ensure availability of appropriate staffing, funding, and technology resources.
  • Provide the campus community channels for IT service input and feedback.


Champion environmentally responsible use of technology.

  • Create policies and processes that support energy saving strategies.
  • Facilitate the use of collaborative technologies to reduce travel.
  • Create a virtual infrastructure strategy to reduce space and power requirements, decrease cooling needs, and lower the total cost of ownership.


Grow and develop partnerships and alliances to advance campus initiatives.

  • Value and broaden partnerships with EWU, UW, Innovate Washington, and other local and regional educational institutions.
  • Cultivate public-private partnerships.