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Changes for the Fall Semester

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Classroom Support team will not be physically present on campus during the Fall Semester.

Unless otherwise noted by Academic Scheduling, the Classroom Support team will not be connecting Zoom calls to physical classrooms. Should you choose to use a physical classroom this semester, you will need to connect your Zoom Meeting using the touch panel in the room.

And while it is rare, issues occasionally arise with the physical equipment in the room that we cannot fix remotely. Should this occur during one of your classes, we will not be able to immediately send a member of our team over to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

But you won’t be alone! Our team will work with you remotely to get your class up and going with a backup device (see suggestions below), as well as communicate with Academic Scheduling to secure an alternative classroom for future classes.

[Please Note: In order to teach on campus there is an approval process and the room must be scheduled in order for it to be unlocked.]

How to Plan

Be Prepared

We recommend always being having a back-up plan. Bringing an additional device with a microphone and webcam, such as a laptop, can help provide you with a secondary access to your Zoom meeting should a problem occur.


Additionally, the Classroom Support team has created a focused set of tutorials you can watch below that provide tips and tricks to ensure you feel comfortable utilizing the classrooms.


Want to make sure your first class goes off without a hitch?

Simply reach out to us at and we can schedule a classroom support technician to attend the first part of your live course via Zoom to help with any issues that might come up.


Finally, one-on-one training is always available. Email us at and we’ll schedule a session in which we walk-thru the equipment in the room and teach you how to dial and control your Zoom meetings.

Video Tutorials

Start a Zoom Meeting in a Physical Classroom

Utilizing Zoom Chat and Breakout Rooms from a Physical Classroom

How to Shut Down the Classroom

Sharing Content to Zoom Participants from a Physical Classroom

Controlling the Volume, Cameras, and other Classroom Features