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Database & Application Consultation

man at computerITS can conduct a systems analysis of databases and their associated applications to ensure data accuracy and improve their overall performance.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Departments


If left unmonitored, a database’s information can be compromised without warning. Incorrectly entered or redundant data can interfere with applications, resulting in slow retrieval or user mistrust. ITS can help to maintain your database and application integrity – keeping your data secure and your data systems efficient and robust.


  • ITS can eliminate redundancies found in existing databases and improve data integrity by eliminating duplicated data and limiting user application privileges and views.
  • How information is stored on a database can be just as critical as what information is being stored; our database development team can assess your storage system within your database and offer options to optimize the database structure.
  • This service is also available for organizations without a current data system in place. Our experts can identify, model, and establish relationships between the objects or entities being handled by a planned database and recommend associated applications for your users.

Getting Started

Contact the Technical Support Center, located on the third floor of the Academic Center (SAC Room 311). Contact by phone at (509) 358-7748 or by email at


There are no costs associated with database or application consultation or maintenance for faculty, staff, or institutional partners.

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