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Desktop & Mobile Videoconferencing


Instructor lecturing in front of a pull-down screenDesktop and mobile videoconferencing is made possible through a client-based software application that allows users to join distance learning classes and videoconferences on the campus network. Currently, this application is only available to our graduate students, faculty, guest lecturers, and staff.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff


With our state-of-the-art desktop and mobile device videoconferencing application, students, faculty, or guest lecturers can attend a distance education class or meeting from anywhere a broadband connection is available.


  • Once the software is installed, users simply click on the icon to start the program. Connection options are clearly displayed, allowing users to select and join their class or conference quickly and easily.
  • Desktop and mobile device videoconferencing offers a real-time educational experience. Users can see and hear instructors or conference members and view displayed content side-by-side.
  • The videoconferencing application can be run on any desktop, laptop, or tablet meeting the minimum processing requirements. Users can connect at home, on campus, or on the go – wherever they have access to a broadband Internet connection.

Getting Started

Interested in learning more about our videoconferencing software and options? Contact the Technical Support Center, located on the third floor of the Academic Center (SAC Room 311). Contact by phone at (509) 358-7748 or by email at


There are no costs associated with the installation, support, or use of the desktop or mobile device videoconferencing software for students, faculty, or staff, or our institutional partners.

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