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Remote Access – VPN

User on desktop Dell computerRemote access is a service for users who wish to connect to the campus network from an off-campus location – either from home or in the field. Remote users are linked via a virtual private network (VPN) and are granted access by entering the workstation’s login information.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments


Remote access is one of the most flexible and powerful services we offer for our faculty and staff who wish to stay connected to the campus network. Users can access their on-campus desktop from anywhere they have access to the Web and can use their workstation just as though they were present in their office or laboratory.


  • Users can download the VPN client on their home desktop or laptop computers. To download the Remote Access – VPN client, click here.
  • Desktop workstations on the campus local area network can be activated from their lower power sleep states using the Verdiem wake-on-web application. To learn more about wake-on-web, see our Power Management service. To wake up your workstation, click here.
  • Once the VPN client is installed, users simply log in to the network and activate their desktop session using their workstation’s login information. Users can pause or end sessions by minimizing or closing the application window.

Getting Started

To find out more about remote access, contact the Technical Support Center, located on the third floor of the Academic Center (SAC Room 311. Contact by phone at (509) 358-7748 or by email at


There are no costs associated with remote virtual private network connections for Washington State University students, faculty, staff, or institutional partners.

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