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TechQual+ IT Survey

2017 Survey Results

Cellular coverage and Wi-Fi improvements prioritized based on IT Survey feedback

You spoke—we listened. ITS appreciates the response received from campus students, faculty, and staff to the Spring 2017 TechQual+ IT Survey. Data and comments have been analyzed and compiled into a final report, providing valuable feedback from our campus community to develop IT priorities and initiatives. Based on your responses, ITS identified key services to improve, starting with cellular coverage and Wi-Fi.

Cellular coverage improvements began as a direct result of last year’s survey, and work continues to enhance this service. Signal boosters have been installed by our Network Engineering team in response to comments about poor cellular coverage, particularly in campus basements. Deployment in SPBS, SNRS, SHSB, and SAC is complete, with a signal booster placed directly outside of SAC 20, an especially problematic room. SEWC is next to receive signal boosters, as this initiative continues to be rolled out campus-wide.

Additionally, 28% of student respondents and 19% of total respondents to the 2017 survey listed adequate Wi-Fi coverage, reliability, and capacity as the top priority. To answer this concern, the campus will be receiving a wireless upgrade beginning in August, with the purchase of new equipment that is approximately 12 times faster than the current Wi-Fi equipment.

The team estimates this project will take one to two months to finish. Upon completion, users can expect to see vastly improved coverage and capacity on a faster, more reliable network. Deployment will start in the SAC and SPBS buildings before moving to the rest of campus.

This year, 10% of students, 21% of faculty, and 42% of staff responded to the survey, which focused on 7 service categories:

  • Connectivity and Access
  • Technology and Collaboration Services
  • Support and Training
  • Blackboard and Instructional Technologies
  • Research Resources
  • Computer Labs
  • Videoconferencing Services

A total of 421 comments and 2,173 responses were provided to help lend context, depth, and perceptions to the survey regarding the strengths, challenges, and opportunities ahead for WSU Spokane ITS. Below are a few of our key findings. For the complete results of the survey, please see our full report for the Spring 2017 TechQual+ IT Survey.

Pick 3 – Most Helpful IT Services and IT Services Needing Improvement

In open-ended questions, survey participants were asked which three WSU Spokane IT services are most helpful and which three needed improvement. There were a total of 107 respondents: 48 students, 24 faculty, and 35 staff.