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Spokane Academic Library

Supporting the academic programs of Washington State University and Eastern Washington University in Spokane.

Reference Area PCs and Laptops

Reference area PCs

Reference area PCs provide students, faculty, and staff of EWU and WSU with access to online library resources.

Two computers are available for use by others if they are not being used by WSU and EWU affiliates and if the visitor signs in at the service desk, which constitutes an agreement to abide by the conditions of use on this form.

Microsoft Office programs are available on the reference area PCs in the library. Use many media-creation programs on our multi-media machine, which has a scanner.

IT at WSU Spokane


Students may also check out a laptop for 3 days (limited number available). Faculty may check out a laptop for use in classroom presentations for up to four hours. The following pdfs are posted for informational use only. Please contact circulation with additional questions.